Football matches broadcast on Apple TV +

Major League Soccer on Apple TV

Apple has movies and TV series in its streaming service. These in technical jargon are called VOD (Video On Demand), so they are content accessible in streaming when the user wants to see them. Soon, however, Apple TV will take over streaming football matches.

The Cupertino-based company has announced a 10-year deal with MLS (Major League Soccer): the American and Canadian Football League. The agreement envisages activating the service from 2023 to 2032.

Stream live games to Apple TV

The matches will be broadcast live. Probably backed by many years of experience streaming event events for new product launches, which are watched by millions of people live, the company will use these technologies to stream football matches.

Everything will be managed in the Apple TV app through a dedicated section. Section that will offer weekly matches. The content that the company discloses will be partly free, but partly will require an additional subscription, the scope of which we do not currently know.

In addition to the games, Apple has announced that it will manage the deal also to offer behind the scenes of the games and especially to show the real-time results in their operating systems.

Then there will be replays of the most important moments of the match, real-time analysis and other content.

The match report will be available in English and Spanish. If the matches include Canadian teams, there will also be news in French.

A special section a Apple NewsI remind you that it is a service not available in Italy, it will allow you to read the news and previews of the matches.

How MLS Works

The first edition of Major League Soccer was played in 1996 and is part of it 29 teams from the United States and Canadawhich will be 32 in 2028.

During each championship the teams compete with an asymmetrical calendar with two prizes: the Shield of supporters and the MLS Cup after the playoffs. It’s also interesting to know that each team belongs, in addition to the owner of the individual team, as well in MLS itself.

Players do not sign the commitment with the single team but with the championship, so they can move between the different teams in the league during the transfer market phase and cannot reject the commitment in the single team.

At the end of the championship there are no promotions or relegations. A team is or is not in the league but the league decides. In addition, it is also possible for a team to change cities and move.

Will MLS also be broadcast in Italy by Apple?

Given that MLS is also broadcast in Italy on subscription streaming services, such as DAZN or Sky, it probably is. At this time, however, we do not know whether Apple’s service will also be available in Italy or whether the company will prefer to distribute it only in North America.

For the first time in the history of the sport, fans will be able to access everything from a major professional sports league in one place. It’s a dream come true for MLS fans, football fans and anyone who loves sports. No fragmentation, no frustration – just the flexibility to sign up for an affordable service that offers you all of MLS, anywhere, anytime you want to see it. We look forward to making even more people fall in love with MLS and cheer on their favorite club.

He stated Eddy Cue in a note. While Don GarberThe MLS commissioner said:

Apple is the perfect partner to further accelerate the growth of MLS and deepen the connection between our clubs and their fans. Given Apple’s ability to create a first-class user experience and reach fans everywhere, it will be incredibly easy to enjoy MLS games anywhere, whether you’re a super fan or a casual spectator. .

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