An opportunity since 1987 to study, train, teach and carry out internships or volunteer experiences abroad in the different sectors of the program (education, vocational training, university, youth, sport) with a significant impact on the employability, skills and career.

An investment of resources with a dedicated budget of more than 26 billion euros for the period 2021-2027 in order to achieve greater social equity in the perspective of the creation of a European education area in 2025.

A powerful means of cohesion in the construction of European identity and the awareness of European cultural heritage in its diversity.

A beacon for the dissemination of democratic culture and a model of empowerment in the empowerment of young people, encouraging their participation in active citizenship.

A concrete instrument of reception and cooperation for prosperity, for peace between education and training institutions and for the integration of the various histories and experiences that are intertwined in the common European house.

If it is true that the politics of the last two years have been fighting against two enemies, a virus and a war, it is also true that it was education that healed the isolation and wounds of war, adapting is immediately in new contexts and trying to build peace. TheErasmus has never ceased to implement the values ​​of exchange, hospitality and protection through solidarity actions such as the recent application for the activation of scholarships by universities in favor of Ukrainian students seeking asylum.

Just a month ago, on May 9, on the occasion of the European Day, the AEDE association of Ruvo di Puglia invited the Liceo Tedone, which made internationalization its mission through the various projects of twinning, exchanges, practices and the many virtuous actions. aimed at enhancing multilingual skills and intercultural education, to present their Erasmus + experience in the territory.

The dream of knowing Europe, although interrupted by the health emergency, has never been extinguished, as evidenced by the increase in Erasmus projects in Italian schools. In the context of the pandemicEuropean planning it has become a real one antidote to the virus, the only one who has traveled and crossed borders without a passport and without a green pass. Because precisely in the prohibition of contact, in the fear of the other as a threat of contagion, we realized how we lacked the freedom to be together, letting ourselves be polluted by people with different stories and experiences in a common journey. and community that reconnects us with our history

The accreditation of the Liceu Tedone to the Erasmus + program, which will be valid until 31/12/2027, is a tool that allows you to react to the uncertainty of the European and global context with a long-term strategy and spirit. resilience, providing solid references to resume navigation in Europe and the world after the pandemic and regain it confidence in the future of traderecovering the synergies between local initiatives and European policies in a flexible multi-annual plan with specific and ambitious objectives in support of the European Commission’s priorities (sustainability, green and digital transition, social inclusion, participation of young people in democratic life).

In this spirit, happy and grateful, we announce the allocation of an initial contribution of € 89,025.00 for the implementation of activities related to the KA120 Accreditation of the School Education Sector as a single institution after the approval of the application KA121 (request for a budget for accredited projects). valid from 01/06/2022 to 31/08/2023) presented on the deadline of February 23, 2022 by the Director, Prof. Sunday Loiudice and Prof. Rosanna Pellegrini and Annamaria Ursi.

For the budget estimate, the National Agency Indire Erasmus +, from a basic grant of 25,000 euros, took into account the qualitative performance and adherence to the political priorities set by the European Commission, including the parameters relating to the inclusive measures provided for by Erasmus + Tedone Plan.

A significant result that marks the beginning of the contracting and the subsequent implementation of individual mobility activities for teaching and non-teaching staff and for the students of the Liceo Tedone for the stable resumption of exchanges and international relations of collaboration and peace so that even in the complexity of the historical moment a foundation of hope never fails.

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