Bianchi wants compulsory teacher training at all costs: fundamental! The Senate decides. Are new numbers coming to form classes?

He Minister of Education has a lot of measures approved by the Government with Decree law 36in particular by the school he teaches recruitment stricter and the compulsory training for everyone in terms of digital skills and for 3-4 teachers every 10 for didactic innovation.

He Pnrr “It will determine the transformation of our school,” Patrizio Bianchi began speaking on June 15 “Morning 24“turned on RaiNews24.


After making it clear that mandatory masks are a scientifically studied and certainly not improvised form of protection, Bianchi has focused on the “six pillars” of “how teachers are trained and how teachers are hired.”

He reiterated that “they are fundamental, because the school is made up of teachers, principals and staff.”

The Senate will have to decide within 5 days

Decree-Law 36, we recall, is being examined by the Senate’s Joint Committee on Constitutional Affairs and Culture: the verification of the approximately 300 amendments has just begun and the final vote will arrive on Monday, June 20, as he recalled. Bianchi himself. .

The agreement between the majority forces, however, does not seem so obvious: the first party that strongly doubts is, in fact, the M5, which in the final vote, given the high percentages of senators, will have a significant specific weight.

The number one of the Ministry of Education has also said that “another pillar is the School of Higher Education that is, that system of national coordination that unites all our universities. So the first point is the quality of the training of our teachers“.

Orientation to improve

Bianchi, therefore, wanted to talk about the options of the students’ course, recalling that “theorientationthat is, how we accompany our children to make reasoned decisions from an early age ”.

The councilor then returned to the concept that “the school must be open and able to understand the transformations of society, it must be inclusive, because we cannot leave anyone behind, we must start from those who are at risk”.

Dispersion to be demolished

“We still have unacceptable dropout rates in our country, especially in some areas of the South and in some areas of the interior

Then Bianchi focused

Then Bianchi focused, and third, the school must be affectionate. The school is the place where affections are created, consolidated and the affections of a lifetime are built. “

New settings in classes?

Therefore, Bianchi’s announcement on the new modalities falls into this area. “on how to do the classeshow many children there should be, and how schools should be built “, which implies that the current parameters of class composition could therefore change, derived from the” sizing “imposed by Presidential Decree 181 / 09.

As a result of the birth rate, Bianchi recalled, “there is expected to be a very sharp reduction in children in school in recent years: even one million 400 thousand children in ten to eleven years, so it is necessary think a lot about how schools should be structured in a territory so that there is a continuity of life between the school and the territory ”.

The reference to the territory, among other things, would also seem to be a response to the alarm cry of Confindustria in recent days.

Technical and professional reform

The head of national education then referred to the “reform of vocational training technical schools“: We are talking about institutes, said Bianchi, which represent” the heart of the development of our country, also because a manufacturing country like ours becomes very important to give way, not only to start working but also to consolidate people that has. to manage change, not only technologically, but also socially ”.

The same expansion of higher technical institutes, approved in recent days at the Palazzo Madama, is part of this increasingly professional training policy aimed at preparing young people for the world of work.

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