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by Simone Guandalini – Not just volleyball: after the announcement, arrived yesterday, June 14, of the participation, by the Mirandola Stadium, in the next championship of the A3 Series, in fact, in terms of football Mirandola is reborn after 17 years “Mirandolese FC. (Folgore Club) “: an ambitious sports project that combines a historic and noble name in football in the Lower Modena area, such as Mirandolesathe first team of which next season will participate, with great ambitions, in the cextended from the Second Categoryto the important youth sector of Folgore Calcio Mirandola.

The new company was presented at a press conference today, Wednesday 15 June, in the plenary hall of Mirandola City Council, in the presence of the president Pietro Olivafrom Vice President Francesco RussoofMirandola City Councilor for Sports, Roberto Lodifrom manager of the Technical and Organizational Area, Luigi Zottoliof the known Lawyer Beppe Accardiwith a past as a player for Mirandolese, and Paolo Angioi, member of the Technical Area of ​​Modena FC, to which Mirandolese FC will be affiliated.

Mirandolese FC’s goal is to become one reference point for the entire northern part of the province of Modena in terms of football and relaunching the youth sector of Folgore Calcio, also creating a real qualified football school, to which will be added amateur football, as well as a project entirely dedicated to women’s football.

“We have joined forces to try to give a concrete and positive response to football in our province,” he said president Pietro Oliva – We really want to do something important and meaningful using qualified and trained coaches and serious and competent managers. It will be essential for everyone to play and have fun, but the cradle of seeing one of our players someday, without obviously getting too excited, will make the leap to professionalism. As for the first team of Mirandolese FC -he points out- Olive – the ultimate goal is to aimAdvance series with unity of purpose, passion and determination to reach in a few years the category that belongs to a football reality as important and prestigious as Mirandola City Council ”.

“Our goal is to bring the success we have had to the company even here in the world of Mirandese football – adds the neo. Vice President Francesco Russo – It is an attractive and noble place, we are loaded and motivated: we have chosen the Mirandolese because there is the possibility of doing something big and it is already endowed with a very strong youth sector, which we have to grow even more “.

Revealing the ambitions of the new club and increasing the enthusiasm of the fans is, however, the Technical and Organizational Manager Luigi Zottoli: “We came here to Mirandola with the ambition of doing something really important; The main goal of the company is to try to be competitive for the victory of the Second Category Championship, as well as to grow young people and create a compactness between the youth sector and the first team. Not just with words as they always say, but really. The new Club must know how to dream, but with a solid foundation, so as not to have to live the moment and the individual needs of a few, but to be able to grow little by little through a serious programming, with professionally valid, qualified monitors. managers, business people, traders and every citizen of Mirandola. Finally, I would like to thank the Municipal Administration of Mirandola, Modena Calcio FC – to which we will be affiliated – the families of the children and all the people of Mirandola who will support us in the development and growth of our project “.

To show the support of the City Council for the new project, he was also present at the press conference‘The Sports Councilor of Mirandola City Council, Roberto Lodiwhich also announced important news regarding the reform of the grandstand of the “Lolli” stadium., damaged by the 2012 earthquake: “The Administration is excited and proud that this project with such a historically important name for us has begun its journey. Sport has a central value: it must be for everyone but we must not be afraid to fly high. Mirandolese FC is a project much applauded by the city council, which will have to find a home in the glorious “Lolli” stadium, the nature of which has been strongly defended by this administration. The project for its restructuring is in its final study phase and is expected to be returned to the community and to Mirandolese FC at the end of our term, in 2024 ”.


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