A pill with the same benefits of sports to keep fit? Scientists are working hard: studying at Nature

The long, tiring workouts to find the line and pass the costume test could be someday replaced by just taking a pill, a drug capable of stimulating the body e provide the same benefits derived from sport. This possibility, certainly interesting for lovers of sofas and lovers of unsportsmanlike activities, could be a little closer thanks to a new study, conducted by scientists from the Baylor College of Medicine and Stanford School of Medicinewho described his work in the magazine Nature.

The research group, led by Yong Xuused a mouse model for evaluate the effects of a molecule, called Lac-Phe, which could fight obesity by reducing food intake and hunger. “It simply came to our notice thenand exercise can help you lose weight – says Xu – understanding the mechanism by which physical activity triggers these benefits could help many people find the line quickly and without excessive effort. “Lac-Phe, experts say, occurs in the blood during the exercise can regulate appetite and improve your metabolic profile.elderly or frail people could benefit from taking a medication which helps fight osteoporosis, heart disease, and a number of problematic conditions. ” scientists discovered that the Lac-Phe molecule, synthesized from lactate, which is responsible for the burning sensation in muscles, and phenylalanine, an amino acid at the base of proteins, was present in large quantities as a result. of the activity.

Experts then considered obese mice induced by a high-fat diet to be given a high concentration of Lac-Phe. The treatment, the authors report, it halved its food intake compared to the control group, which had not been exposed to the molecule, but without affecting the ability of movement or energy expenditure of animals. Therapy, after ten days, had helped reduce accumulated food intake and body weight by improving glucose tolerance. The research team also identified the CNDP2 enzyme, involved in the production of Lac-Phe, and it was shown that animals that did not have this enzyme did not show significant weight reductions despite the same exercise regimen. “The next step will be delve into how Lac-Phe can mediate effects on the body and in various organ systems, including the brain. Our goal is to learn how to modulate this path to formulate useful therapeutic interventions for the health of people who are obese. “

For several years now, science has been interested in researching compounds capable of replicating the beneficial effects of sport. Some scientific studies have devoted a specific supplement “mima-sport”, SIRT500. Produced by an Italian company, it has been shown to be able to “rejuvenate” our muscles and make us live longer. Vitamin D, omega-3, lactoferrin, quercetin, vitamin C, zinc, melatonin and glutathione; and sirtuin activators, such as the synergy between pterostilbene, politadine, and onoquiol: all are ingredients that, together, are able to stimulate the production of sirtuins, proteins that have effects similar to exercise on our body.

Article by Valentina Di Paola

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