Ukraine’s 5th women’s soccer team trains in Bologna for the European Championship

A week of sport and solidarity: what the Ukrainian women’s five-a-side football team is experiencing in Bologna, preparing for the European Final Four in the city of Porto, in Portugal, from 1 to 3 July. They arrived in the city last Friday staying at the Hotel Continental in Zola Predosa, training morning and afternoon at the Palestra Moratello in via degli Orti (there are also two friendlies scheduled, against Italy in Prato and against Bagnolo, the women’s team A2). , in Bologna), and will leave for Paris on Friday for a new stage of their preparation in which they will be welcomed by the French federation.

Workouts in the city

The training of the Ukrainian girls in Bologna was made possible thanks to the teamwork carried out by the FIGC’s 5th Football Division, Bologna City Council and LavoroPi, which combined training with non-sporting activities, including a dinner. gala at Virtus. in via Valeriani and a tour of the Dall’Ara stadium. In Portugal, Ukraine will face Spain in the semifinals, while on the other side of the scoreboard the Portuguese will face Hungary, which replaced Russia. This last emphasis obviously makes us understand the reasons why UEFA has positioned itself in favor of helping the Ukrainian national team, in a country destroyed by the war. “It was a spontaneous act and duty towards Ukraine,” said Luca Bergamini, the national president of the 5th Football Division. When we were offered the chance to host Ukraine for the Final Four of the European Women’s Futsal Championship, we immediately got active and I have to thank Bologna City Council and Lavoropi for allowing the The success of this initiative: to meet the needs of Ukraine, by facilitating the process of preparation for the maximum continental competition, was really evident ”.


It is almost a kind of European twinning, which leads to the sincere gratitude of the Ukrainian coach Oleg Shaytanov: “I thank everyone for the help received, because we hear about Ukraine always a small victory: we did not training for three months due to the war, some players had left the country and it was impossible to remember them.Thanks to the effort of Europe we were able to start the preparation: a strong signal, a message of hope that goes beyond the sport. ”Giallobl national team captain Julia Forsyuk echoes the coach: “Since the beginning of the conflict we had lost hope of coaching, with the help of Bologna and Europe we are back on the field and we are very happy with the welcome we are receiving, I thank everyone on behalf of the team .. Personally, I play for a team in Kyiv and my family is still there: for us, going to play in Portugal means proving that Ukraine is still standing and has no intention of giving in to Russia. “

Team play

For Bologna Sports Councilor Roberta Li Calzi, “an initiative and a splendid right for these girls to have the space to train to the fullest. Bologna has hospitality as one of its strengths and there has been an important team game in the city to allow this initiative ”. A game in which the company LavoroPi played a leading role: “This initiative is part of a wider range of actions launched to support Ukraine, from supporting the concert on April 4 to Piazza Maggiore to plan training courses in interventions aimed at taking care of asylum seekers, thanks to the dialogue we have activated with the Metropolitan City.Today these girls should focus only on futsal and is That’s right they can do it: at the next European Championships we will all cheer on Ukraine “, explained the marketing director of LavoroPi, Matteo Naldi.

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