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This morning, Mayor Enzo Lattuca and councilors spoke inaugurated the route in the twelve districts, and in the villages of the municipality of Cesenameeting with the citizens and exhibitors of the Neighborhood by the sea. Accompanying the council is the president of the district Andrea Montanari and a representative of the Council who will meet in the middle of tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June in the evening for a second meeting with the mayor and councilors.

“After the signing of the district agreements,” said Mayor Enzo Lattuca, “this morning we resumed the discussion on the territory on the state of implementation of the agreements and in relation to the future prospects. During these two years, the dialogue with the districts has never failed, but meeting weekly in the territory allows us to resume the dialogue in person with the city, as happened before the pandemic, and to observe closely what the citizens were asking for. the most effective solutions. In recent years, the mayor continues, there have been notable changes due to the pandemic context but also due to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which guarantees us significant funding that involves a radical reorganization of programming, guaranteeing new responses to the public. As for the Al mare neighborhood, almost all requests are met make provincial and municipal roads safe it is a Strengthening local public transportespecially with regard to the hamlet of Bulgarno “.

After the council, the mayor and councilors together with the president Andrea Montanari and councilors Miriam Zanoli, Antimo Ferraro, Marco Fabbri, Pierpaolo Licheri and Alex Baiardi have made a stop at the different cores of the district to see up close the most critical points highlighted by the district. First stop at the Ruffio 5 football field, which is part of the “Ciutat Verda Cesen” sports area improvement project; second stage in Macerone with the proposal to create new elevated pedestrian crossings to secure the stretch of road; third stage the via Provinciale Ruffio; fourth stage Bulgarnò with the proposal to create a stop on line 21 of local public transport. The morning ended with a visit to the Ponte Pietra summer resort.

“It is always essential – says the president of Quartiere Al Mare Andrea Montanari – to have a moment of discussion with the municipal administration also because Neighborhoods should feel at the center of administrative action. We all carry out voluntary work that fits well with the daily activity of the public administration. So far we have focused on a territorial planning work already planned within the respective neighborhood agreements but the absolute priority remains represented by the security of the Provincial Hall and Ruffio and the municipality of Capannaguzzo, for the creation of connections, even bike lanes. , which make our villages feel less isolated. This is the case of Bulgarno, for example, but also of Capannaguzzo and Macerone, for whom we asked for the construction of a bike lane. In fact, the Al Mare district is unequally located and is the second largest in terms of territory: in this sense, in relation to the programming of events for the biennium 2022-2023, we have planned initiatives in all districts. of the district and not only in Ponte has been going on for many years. During these two years – Montanari continues – the municipal administration has been able to achieve important results, some of which have been expected for over thirty years: think of Luffio’s roundabout but also to the execution of the works of Hera iapaved section of the Via Macerone. In the near future, the District and the Municipality will have to work in full synergy for road safety, with interventions aimed at protecting pedestrians and road users and with routine maintenance work on the asphalt and signage. “

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