The stormy life of Salvatore Montefusco, six complaints from his wife against him

Originally from San Cipriano d’Aversa, Salvatore Montefusco had lived for several decades in the territory of Castelfranco. The 69-year-old, who yesterday confessed to the double murder of his wife and daughter, had worked for several years in construction, running a business, only to retire as he grew older. Married with three children, he had lived for a long time in Riolo di Castelfranco, in a farmhouse where he also had horses, his great passion.

However, that first relationship of his had reached a turning point about twenty years ago, when he met Gabriela Trandafir. Then came the separation of his first wife and subsequent marriage to the Romanian, who already had his daughter Renata, with whom he had a son, now a teenager.

The businessman had built the village of houses where he later went to live, although he continued to frequent Riolo’s house. The relationship with Gabriela had become increasingly difficult over the years: a tumultuous relationship from which criminal charges had also arisen and which would have led to separation. But the two were unable to appear in court today.

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A relationship at dusk, between lawyers and trials

The deteriorating relationship between Salvatore and Gabriela had ended up trusting the courts. In recent years, the woman had filed six complaints against her husband, the last two for facts relating to 2021. The allegations were multiple: verbal assaults, threats, even the placement of a GPS device on her car to check it out. movements. The portrayal of a bloodthirsty man, though not physically violent, is a man who is jealous and anxious to control his wife’s behavior, to the point of preventing her from working independently.

Montefusco’s main concern was, at least in recent times, the loss of the Cassola di Sotto house, which could have ended with his wife after the separation. Visits to the Via Cassola di Sotto had therefore always become the subject of fights.

The same, 69 years old, had filed complaints, on three occasions, for the behavior of his wife at home, assuming the crime of abuse.

For the cases analyzed by the Modena Public Prosecutor’s Office following their complaints, the filing was requested. The hearing to oppose this election of the prosecutor should have been held today. This morning in court the judge has decided to postpone (to July 5) for legitimate impediment (since Montefusco is in prison). Now the prosecutor could revoke the request for dismissal for the ill-treatment and these facts could be merged with the investigation born of yesterday’s double murder.

Mother and daughter murdered, the pain and rage of an announced tragedy

The Camorra and the courage to denounce

Many years before the judicial vicissitudes for the romantic relationship, Montefusco was already well known by the police forces of Modena, in particular by the police. But not for criminally punishable conduct. Indeed, the opposite. The builder was one of the first to denounce the representatives of the branches of the Camorra that in the 80’s had begun to affect the area of ​​Modena. Montefusco had been a key witness in the investigation that led, in 2000, to the first arrests of Casalesi members.

The mafia began to make its presence felt in the territories of Modena and Castelfranco, then polluting the various municipalities in the Sorbara area. Among the businessmen who were extorted was the 69-year-old bell-ringer, who, however, had reacted, denouncing the police and thus contributing to the arrests that would soon follow one another at a worrying pace.

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