Sports lover, the project dedicated to those over 65, is underway

Laci – It is promoted and funded by the Lazio Region and Sport and Health to promote psychophysical well-being at all ages

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Rome – We receive and publish – Sport lover is the new project promoted and funded by the Lazio Region and Sport and Health to spread the culture of movement and sport and promote psychophysical well-being at all ages.

The project also aims to develop in a concrete way the principle of the right to sport for all, supporting both adults who due to difficult economic conditions can not bear the costs of sports activity, as well as sports associations and clubs that they are already carrying out social activities. in the area.

In this context, sport plays a key role, representing one of the most important tools for maintaining the integrity and physical potential of older people, while promoting their social life, creating important moments of socialization through discussion. and “interaction.”

Through the intervention, we act in the age group with the highest risk in terms of pathologies of physical inactivity and where the lowest level of motor activity is recorded throughout the life of the individual.

In fact, in the age group over 65 there are only about 13% of people who play sports occasionally or continuously (Source: Elaboration of health data for all, 2019).

The project represents a very important first synergy at regional level between Sport and health, Region, Asd / Ssd of the territory, on a fundamental issue for Italy and for public health, with the aim of promoting active aging and reducing the economic impact on health. expense.

The approach used is also to promote intergenerational synergy through the involvement of motor science graduates, young people specially trained in this age group, who with their energy, preparation and motivation can activate a positive intergenerational exchange.

The Sport Lover project includes:

the carrying out of sports activities in the morning and in the afternoon, are offered free of charge to adults over the age of 65, through the intervention of sports associations and societies of amateurs present in the area, in collaboration with senior centers. of the Lazio region

the organization of 2 “wellness days” for participants in sports activities – outdoor walks with awareness of correct lifestyles and food education with the participation of nutritionists and Legend

surveys on the lifestyles of participants in the senior centers involved through the administration of questionnaires

free training days dedicated to Asd / Ssd operators who carry out the activities (graduates in motor sciences or graduates in Isef), organized by the Sports School of Sport and Health

The recipients

All Asd / Ssd, with registered office in the Lazio region, in possession of the following requirements:

registration in the National Register of Amateur Sports Associations, valid for the entire duration of the Project

possibility to use a suitable space for the proposed activity

have the appropriate equipment to carry out the proposed activity

presence of monitors in possession of the title of Degree in Motor Sciences or ISEF, in adequate number to guarantee the development of the sport activity
offer a type of sports activity suitable for the target audience The Target

Adults over the age of 65, users of senior centers in Lazio, who will be able to carry out the sports activity organized by the ASD / SSD who are members of the Project and admitted to funding free of charge. Possession of Italian citizenship is not required as an access requirement for Beneficiaries.

The structures where the proposed activities take place

This space can be in the open air or in the center of the elderly involved in sports activity or in the sports facility possibly available to the Asd / Ssd proposing -also in agreement with individuals, local authorities or others structures.

Collaboration with the centers for the elderly in the area

In order to participate in the public notice, the Asd / Ssd must previously sign a collaboration agreement with the center for the elderly with which the project will be carried out.

How to submit the application

Each Asd / Ssd can be applied for with a single project related to a single senior center.

Applications for participation in the Project must be submitted exclusively through the computer platform, which can be accessed at

Each Asd / Ssd can do one or more courses for each senior center but with different Beneficiaries for each course. The maximum number of Beneficiaries admitted to each center for the elderly is 40 participants.

Project duration

The sports activity can be carried out in the morning and / or afternoon, with a maximum duration of 12 weeks, according to the calendar and schedule agreed with the center for the elderly involved and communicated and / or updated through the Platform and the Territorial Structure of Sport and competent health.

The activities planned for the Project must be carried out before 15 December.


The project is 50% co-financed by the Lazio Region and Sport and Health for a total of 400 (four hundred) thousand euros and will combine approx. 100 centers for the elderly, located in all the provinces of the Lazio region, sporting activity thanks to the local ASD / SSD. At least 4,000 people over the age of 65 are expected to take part.

Deadlines for submitting applications

Applications for participation in the Project will start from 17.00 on 07/06/2022 to 17.00 on 07/07/2022.
Sport and Health reserves the right to extend the term of this notice, in agreement with the Lazio Region, by providing timely information through the institutional sites.

For support to complete the application, you can write to the mailbox

Sport and health Lazio

June 14, 2022

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