South Africa, 4 disqualified teams to fix matches. The federation “This is not football”

He South Africa is a beautiful country, sadly plagued by corruption, both in politics and in sport. In fact he hasabsurd what happened on the last day of the championship football from third division en South Africa where is Shivulani Dangerous Tigers FC and the Matiyasi FC competed for the promotion in the last ninety minutes of the season. Both teams did their best to beat their rivals.

The Mayitasi FC football team

The four teams involved have been banned forever: the harsh message of the South African Football Association

Both parties, in fact, continued Last May 21stthey are finished respectively 33-1 for that Shivulani I 59-1 for Matiyasi. In the South African league, in case of equal pointsand the goal difference to decide which of the two teams is most positioned high in the rankings compared to the other, and Matiyasi, to overcome Shivulani, had to recover a lower goal difference of 18 long. To succeed, then, the club has agreed with the opposing team of the last day: 41 of the 59 “scored” goals, in fact, are the result of so many others in their own goal of the opposites (one of which – says the local press – made by a player sent off in the first half). Similar scenario also in the other decisive match for the promotion, with Shivulani who was able to enjoy seven in own door of the opposing team, for the final 33-1 which, however, would not have been enough for the promotion, obtained on the field by Matiyasi before the South African Football Federation analyzed what happened and made an inevitable decision.

In the last few days, after taking note of what happened and after analyzing the facts, the South African Football Association he decided banish all four teams from all football activities foreverand sanctioned some club leaders with five-year suspension.

The South African Football Association

“These people have no respect for football,” said Ramphago

These people have no respect for football and we can’t let that happen again, “he told BBC Sport Africa Vincent Ramphago, president of the Mopani region.

The saddest thing is that there are young players involved because the competition rules state that each team must present at least five players under the age of 21.

“Our main goal in organizing the leagues is to make sure that we transform young players into potential future football players. Bafana Bafana“.

Despite their best efforts, the goals ultimately count for little, as the Gawula Classic, which finished fourth in the league, was declared the winner of the South African region of Mopani.

EL Classic guwula They won after the sanctions imposed on the three teams above them, with Shivulani advancing by three points, not to mention a 16-goal lead advantage, before the start of the final day.

“Our investigation found that Matiyasi and Nsami wanted to prevent Shivulani from taking the initiative and therefore agreed to adjust the game to prevent this from happening,” Ramphago said.

“After learning that Matiyasi was leading 22-0 at the break, Shivulani forced the players from the Kotoko Happy Boys ad leave the field. The players who left said they were tired and decided to leave their team with only seven players.

“In Matiyasi ‘s party, meanwhile, thereferee he gave red cards to the players so that Nsami would finish with seven players ”.

Despite the farce, the record was not broken

Despite the great crossings, these two results are not one register. In November 2002, in fact, in the championship of Madagascar a 149-0 (with 149 in own door) between Stade Olympique Emyrne and AS Adema, with the local team acting like this because of a strike against the arbitration class which affected his fight for the title in the previous match. In that case, the disqualification came until the end of the four-player Emyrne championship and the suspension – complete with a daspo – for the next three years.

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