Soccer: League of Nations. Mancini “After Germany we will draw a line”

National team coach: “It would be important to win by playing well” FLORENCE (ITALPRESS) – Against Germany “Italy will have to try to play their game as they always try, be more offensive in attack, with more players. “action, being more aggressive and being able to press high. Of course it won’t be easy because Germany is a great team.” This was stated by national coach Roberto Mancini in an interview given to the microphones of ‘Raisport’. Winning trying to play well against Germany “would be important to close after four very difficult games, with a completely new team – Mancini added -, in football you have to win, it takes time to do it, I think our goal has of being able to have a team that does very well and plays well, copying the team that was born and then won the European Championship, maybe not with the same system, that is to say hold the ball longer and be more upright because maybe We have different players at the moment, but that has to be the mentality. ” That is, “go away, attack, press and win. When we could do that we would have taken a big step forward.” Mancini reiterated that he did not expect an Italy in this new phase with so many immediately positive factors. “We still have a game tonight that is not easy, after this we will be able to draw a line and understand what we have done well, and so far there have been many things, and other things that we can improve,” he said. Mancini. “For a young player, getting to the national team without having done so much in his career is a great gift. Now it’s their turn to be able to keep coming, to be confirmed, with the hope that they will play because the guys who are with us are very “Good luck, and they can have a great future. It will depend a lot on them. doors are open to all players, so I think it’s really best for a player to enter the national team. ” The blue coach, then asked, stopped to talk about some individuals in the squad that he currently has at his disposal. “What struck me about Gnonto is that he’s young but physically very strong and knows how to play, he has a logic in playing. He’s not an 18-year-old, he already knows how to play football and that’s important. two years I played at his age because I was lucky to find a coach like Burgnich who took a risk on me and so I will never stop thanking him. In those years it was not easy to let a boy play. 16 and a half years old when he put me in the first team, here are some respectable and smart guys who, in addition to having the technical qualities, can really create an important group for the future. and strong technicians, but if they also have other qualities I think it’s important. ” Speaking about the possibility of being able to take advantage of the internships in the national team, Mancini explained: “I think there is this will, I don’t think it will solve all the problems but I think it can be useful. It is important that all components of football go ‘agreement and in the same direction. It’s not easy. ” Finally, about the adventure that awaits the Italian under-19 team in the next European Championships: “It seems to me that with Gnonto and Scalvini they have a not bad team. There are also good ones, so we wish them good luck , and the girls.of the under-19 team and the women’s team of Milena Bertolini for the European Championship. We hope things go well “. – LivePhotoSport photo – (ITALPRESS). xb8 / mc / red 14-Jun-22 14:30

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