Season 4 of “Seeking Sister Wife”: Epps family begins to be polygamous after Marcus cheats

In the June 13 episode of Looking for a sister wife, the audience finally introduces Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn and his fiancée, India. It turns out that the Epps decided to become polygamists after Marcus betrayed Taryn. Here’s everything we know.

Marcus, Taryn and India Epps ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 4 | TLC

The Epps family added another woman after Marcus cheated

Marcus’ wife, Taryn, revealed why they decided to add another woman to his family. He said, “Marcus and I have been together for about 11 or 12 years.” He revealed that he had begun to deceive her. Taryn said, “And Marcus was doing things that, you know, a married man probably shouldn’t do.”

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