Riviera Romagnola, the capital of sand sports

And Teqball, which has been in vogue since last year, has landed in almost every bathing establishment on the Romagnola Riviera. Perfect game for the beach, it consists of an exchange of balls around a curved table equipped with a compact net to ensure that the ball always bounces, ensuring a continuous and dynamic game, but above all suitable for anyone.

Touchtennis –

Among the novelties, Touchtennis, a cross between tennis and paddle, which is spreading rapidly around the world. The Bagno Fantini in Cervia is already equipped and proposes it as the sport of the year. Ideal for staying fit, it is practiced on hard ground, but on a smaller court than tennis, with a smaller racket and patented balls that “travel” less quickly, in order to facilitate a greater number of ‘exchanges. On the beach of Bagno Coco 106B in Marebello (Rn) is the football billiard, which is played with the feet, rather than with the tacos, with numbered balls instead of balls, but is played on a field that plays a real table. with green cloth and side holes and the rules are the same as for billiards.

All sports –

Kitesurfing, Hidrofoil, Kitefoil Flyboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, but also Sup (Stand Up Paddle) and scuba diving. The sea of ​​the Riviera de la Romagna offers a wide range of water sports to meet the needs of passionate tourists. Each stretch of coast offers Wind and Kite surfing courses and everywhere you can find equipment to row the water with the Sup board. Undoubtedly original courses are those in the Sup that include yoga, pilates, stretching or functional gymnastics exercises, aimed at those who want to improve and strengthen their fitness, with special attention to muscle stabilization. Hydrofoil is the evolution of water sports of the moment, a table with a large carbon fin that drifts allows you to glide on the water to give the idea that the rider is flying, while attached to a star can practice Kitefoil. . A large center that organizes courses and rents equipment is in Porto Corsini, the Adriatic Wind Club, which has 15,000 square meters of beach and a dedicated kites beach.

In flight and on two wheels –

Very fun and suitable for those with a certain courage, it is instead the flyboard flight that you can try at the Bellariva Nautical Center in Rimini. Thanks to this particular tablet you can take off and immerse yourself in the water. Another proposal for the summer is wakeboarding, a recently popular board sport that has emerged from the fusion of water skiing and snowboarding. Try it at Rivazzurra Nautical Center and Marina Centro Rimini’s Bagno 8. For a water bike ride in Rimini, IdroBikes can be found in Bagno 26 in Marina Centro or in front of Bagno 106B in Marebello – Coco Beach. Also in the nautical center of Bellariva, from this year it is possible to book suggestive sunrise excursions with the Sup, while in the East Coast Nautical Fun of Lido San Giuliano (RN) you can rent the sup for 5 people of 8 meters in length. A real water playroom, 12 meters inflatable, is located in the Blu Beach Center in Rimini.

Diving –

Diving can also be done in the Romagna Sea, in search of underwater microcosms. There are several places to explore such as pylons, freighters and boats sunk and lying on the seabed. An underwater adventure can be done, for example, in the Pyramids of Miramare, concrete blocks off the coast of Rimini, the “home” of a myriad of marine species. The best-known shipwreck on the Riviera, on the other hand, is the Paguro, named after the oil rig that exploded in 1965 and sank in the waters of Lido Adriano. A dive in this area of ​​6,000 square meters guarantees divers the exciting spectacle of knowing various species of marine fauna, even at night. Another dive site is the Isola delle Rose, an artificial platform of 400 square meters built in 1968 off the coast of Rimini, which was proclaimed an independent state and was sunk by the state shortly afterwards.

Contemplation and relaxation –

Yoga is practiced on the Riviera looking out to sea – In pursuit of well-being, more and more beaches are offering yoga and meditation courses, practices that find a special dimension in the relationship with the sea. A rich program of events related to the practice of yoga is organized on the beaches and in front of the Riviera Sea. And for those who want there is also yoga in the Sup! A technique that requires balance and concentration. The meetings dedicated to the well-being of Le Spiagge del Benessere return until September 2 to celebrate the 19th edition. In Bellaria Igea Marina and Riccione a rich calendar of meetings with various sports activities organized in the bathing establishments of the Riviera of Rimini. The review Albe Backlit will also return in 2022. Yoga at sunrise on the promenade of Riccione, in the beautiful around the garden of Villa Mussolini. From June 25 to September 3, every Saturday from 6:30 to 7:30, you can welcome the first rays of sunshine in the clear morning air, in the breath of body and mind, as taught the old discipline.

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