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The first entry with shorts, a dark T-shirt and a very thick brown-haired goat, the second entry, on the other hand, had a flannel, glasses and a light-colored cotton gown with a Maori print. The two voices invited me in without asking for an explanation for my interference and made me sit down at the table with familiarity. At that moment I felt inevitable in his day. As if my curiosity were a natural and obligatory fact. The first voice was called Graziella. The second also said her name was Graziella. In his “My Name Too …” he broke his words with laughter because perhaps his veiled eyes have long recognized the irony of sharing the same roof and the same word with which the world calls them. A wise and wise laugh. Graziella told me that in Procida it is very easy to be called Graziella. An onomastic tradition initiated by a novel by Alphonse de Lamartine, set precisely in 2 Procida, the beloved and protagonist of which was Graziella. A love story, social class, tuberculosis and braids of hair. Graziella in the Maori print dress kept us informed that the house of Graziella, the protagonist of the novel, exists even if it is not real, he said. I thought I wanted to steal those words to write a touching song that would improve my record contracts. It exists even if it is not real. Graziella-Maori asked me if I would like a coffee and I said yes, then she also asked the other Graziella if she wanted a coffee and she replied, “No Graziella.” I thought it would be hard for me to live the same name with more people because I would always end up talking to myself more than I already do. La-Graziella-in-shorts is a guest of Graziella-Maori, who has been living upstairs for fifty-six years. La-Graziella-Maori, on the other hand, is the hostess. I asked them both if they were from Procida and with great satisfaction they started repeating the word procidane and stopped only with one conclusive doc: procidane procidane procidane doc.

Born and raised in Procida by the midwives. In fact, they used the word “washing machines” and in my opinion it was not a spelling mistake because for a moment I imagined someone opening the drum of the appliance at two different times in the world and putting two little Graziella together with the sheets by dry white outside the door and I found a beautiful picture. They said it’s hard to find normal names like theirs now because people have been giving weird and difficult names to babies for a long time. For example, Graziella-Maori’s granddaughter’s last daughter was called, at first she found it difficult to remember because it is a difficult name, Venus. It was then that I realized that I hadn’t said Michele’s name and that I hadn’t introduced myself at all but I didn’t point it out to him because I didn’t know if mine was a normal name and out of prudence. I was just a presence. La Grazielle told me that Procida is a quiet place for now and I took this warning for a sense of wisdom because Graziella-in-pantaloncinicorti said it with such conviction and urgency. I was told that the quietest place on the island is a Corricella bar / restaurant called “la Graziella”, a guarantee. They also added that their favorite party in Procida is an evening organized by the municipality that will be renamed “La Graziella” which this year will be held on July 24. Tonight, inspired by De Lamartine’s novel, the most beautiful girls in Procida dress up in Graziella’s dress, put on a show and then the jury chooses the most beautiful of them all. La-Graziella-Maori whispered softly to me that they are also cheating and she knows this because she participated in the program when she was young but did not have the right hand and did not win. To comfort her I told her it would be my Graziella but I said it looking halfway between them because with all these Graziella didn’t know where to look and I thought she was fine everywhere. La-Graziella-Maori has also made films and most recently in Rome. He made Francesca e Nunziata, L’isola di Arturo (when he was 12), Morgan the Pirate, The Supertestimone (he specified that Monica Vitti and Alberto Sordi were also present), a film with director Nanni Loy, another with Lisa. Gastoni. Lots of movies. And he also remembers a gray-haired American actor who later made many war films and Alain Delon. To be honest, I was a little disappointed that there was no name for a movie with an original title like “La Graziella” on the list. I asked Graziella-with-the-shorts if she had made movies and she replied with an “absolutely no”, then repeated “absolutely” a few times. La-Graziella-Maori resumed her speech by reflecting on how film actresses, however, are now all plasticized and quoted Anna Magnani as saying that her wrinkles should not touch anyone and that even the pope said that Magnani was a great actress. At one point, I could not contain my romantic vein and from the sacred altar of banality I asked them if they were in love with someone and if they had a partner. The first to respond was Graziella-with-her-shorts-who looked at her hands crossed at the table and said “No, I don’t” in a painful tone and I felt a little inappropriate and intrusive and it seemed to me that the coffee they offered me had suddenly become more bitter despite the many teaspoons of sugar they had melted directly into the mocha. La-Graziella-Maori instead had a husband who died three years ago and now there is a new partner. La-Graziella-in-shorts-shorts has wanted to clarify that she does have a partner but recently, that they are only the first times. According to La-Graziella-Maori, one can only be in love once in one’s life and usually goes on at sixteen. For example, she spent the year 69 with Cyrus (who later became her husband). He met Ciro on the beach while he was playing football with seven / eight boys and seven / eight girls. She started playing with them until she lost her breath and in the evening Ciro invited her to dance. “And who can dance …” she replied. “Come on, I’ll wait up here.” “But I don’t know how to dance.” “Cheffà, I’ll teach you.” Obviously Graziella did not go to the appointment. In the morning he went down to the sea, Cyrus saw her, went to her, twisted his arm, and asked her why she had not come. Graziella insisted she had already told him she couldn’t dance. And then they promised. Graziella did not realize the slowness of the process of inner elaboration that transformed an annoying arm into a first engagement and a marriage of fifty years later, but I think she did it because she also knows that life can never be memorized in a way. linear and the stories that compose it always have as main verbs the verbs to recognize and to remember and that such a beautiful love cannot contain the pauses of the time but it always inhabits the furrow of the instinct. When Cyrus died, he told me about a man, he too. When he told me, he imitated him and I imagined this gentleman knocking on the blue door and declaring himself, saying: “If I am alone, you are alone, we have known each other for forty years, let’s get together. I know who takes me at least … ”and it seemed like a sweet and sad scene at the same time that loneliness was a leap where familiar arms are expected to welcome us to glide gently on the ground. And now every time he goes to visit his daughter in Caserta he makes the man escape only because he no longer uses this adjective since he is with Graziella.

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