Presidents deserted by football: Palermo goes to Serie B, the city loses the game of maturity

IT IS CERTAIN that in a city in the seventh industrialized country we have to attend such a large number of sections that do not open because the presidents resign in such a large number is, without a doubt, an extremely serious fact.

This happened in Palermo and in fact the correct trend of the voting was questioned so much that even the participation in the voting was 10 points lower than that which occurred in the last administrative consultation.

Whether the reasons were the match that took place in the city and that brought Palermo to Serie B or the low remuneration of the presidents of seats, which was the same throughout the country, the fact remains extremely hard. It is the judiciary that will do well to verify the responsibility as it has done well, the municipal administration to transmit the documents to the prosecutor.

An era dominated by the charismatic and visionary figure of Leoluca Orlando comes to an end in Palermo with this disconcerting episode. Mayor in 1985, then from 1993 to 2000, and again for ten years from 2012 to the present, Orlando worked as a monarch. Unable to reappear after five terms and twenty-two years as mayor, he leaves no heirs and the center-left has had to invent a candidate in the name of discontinuity. Orlando or the ability to be able to have everyone against him, after having fought with all his might to regain a compromised city. In which the mayors were also a direct expression of the mafia, see Ciancimino.

From a city that had to close roads because walls were built to keep buildings down and prevent them from collapsing, waking up every morning with a dead mob, to one in which, even in the national imaginary, no more time needed to arrive with the bulletproof vest.

In his farewell to the citizens, Orlando highlighted all the things he has done, how the city has changed and how he has a vision for the future that sees it as the capital of the Mediterranean. But Orlando in his sometimes imaginative vision did not understand that if you get lost in the lack of essential services all possible miracles, all the most stratospheric visions, are questioned and canceled by an unlivable diary.

Thus the ditches of the streets gain a Norman Arab way, the inefficient collection of a municipal company is imposed on the capital of culture and Manifesta.

And beyond the possibility that the reorganized center-right can collect votes with nets rather than fishing rods, the need for good administration, to address the primary needs of citizens.

In the hope that, as is often the case, everything that has been done since the tram project will not be questioned, which would guarantee minimum mobility in a city where citizens lose hours of their travel time, as well as significant money. to keep a car. which becomes indispensable compared to many other cities in Italy.

The basis and the need from which the citizens want the city to have a minimum of habitability, that which is part of the functioning of the administrative machine, which in times like the ones we are living in is becoming a revolution, given the few resources which has the Municipality. available. It is no coincidence that we are witnessing, beyond the winning groups, the two great cities of the south, Naples and Palermo, with Manfredi and the probable winner of the Palermo administrative session, Roberto Lagalla, returning to normal.

This is what the citizens are asking for today, apart from the conspiracy of the power groups that want to get their hands on the city, after having been somehow marginalized for a few years, which will no doubt have had a considerable role given the forces on the ground.

It is not an easy task what is expected of an administrator in a city where one in four people work, where citizenship income is high, where illegal work is the main activity.

Not to mention that it is also the city where there are neighborhoods that are banned, such as Zen, the northern expansion zone, where early school leaving is still a drama not properly combated, where the full day in schools is a mirage, where nursery schools are a bet to win and where the state and police only come into force when there are striking facts.

Compared to all this, a mayor, even if he is Superman, has a hard time winning the battle. Also because more than a battle it is a war, in which the state must take a stand and play its part, but Naples and Palermo will be, instead of a great opportunity, a great problem.

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