Perugia Urban Night Trail, an event of sport, beauty and solidarity in synergy with the city Events in Perugia

As always, the non-competitive race organized by the Podistica Ponte Felcino Perugia Urban Night Trail will be an event with a strong emotional impact, which runs through the historic center of the city for 9.5 km with a gradient of about 500 meters.

The event, scheduled for Friday 17 June from 8.30 pm, was presented to the press today by the president of the Ponte Felcino Running Association, Gianni Longetti, present Clara Pastorelli, Sports Councilor of the municipality of Perugia, who sponsored the event, Maria. Angela Turchetti, director of Manu, National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, Michele Bella and Luca Grilli, representing all the members who contributed to the creation of the route.

Among the novelties of this year, a new route, partly modified with respect to the past due to logistical needs, which from Piazza Matteotti, will touch the park of Santa Margherita, the park of La Cuparella, the aqueduct, the park of Sant ‘Angel and the Etruscan. Arch, crossing alleys and squares in the center. Arrival is always expected in Piazza Matteotti.

The non-competitive race currently has more than 150 members, from Umbria but also from all over Italy, who will have the opportunity not only to participate in a sport already established in the landscape of urban trails, but also of coexistence and coexistence . tourism. The event, in fact, offers the opportunity to admire Perugia from an unusual point of view, even more suggestive of the twilight atmosphere. The route will be properly signposted and facilitated by the presence of special staff.

Speaking of tourism, the companions of the participants in the Urban Night Route of Perugia will also have the opportunity to visit the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria, by the director of the Museum, Maria Angela Turchetti, who opens the doors of a of the symbolic places of the city, confirming and reinforcing the collaboration with the Podistica Ponte Felcino that has been extended for years, on the occasion of the route itself. The visit has already reached the first 40 members who will be able to do it for free, as it is offered by the same association. However, it is still possible to book at the email address, at a cost of 5 euros (free minors).

Registration is open until June 15. On the day of the race, only the registrations already made can be completed and the numbers will be collected from 6.30 pm at the PalaPellini in Perugia.

Special thanks to all those who made the fifth edition of the trail possible, starting with the municipal administration and the MANU, the president of the Ponte Felcino Running Association, Gianni Longetti, wanted to pay for it. “In these two years of pandemic,” he said, “we have never lost sight of the goal and the desire to be able to return to the track. Many people contributed to the success of the Perugia Urban Night Trail 2022, including our partners, who made their time available for the organization of the race, the Municipal Police of Perugia, the col · whose work is essential for its development, the many volunteers. that will be present in the route to guarantee the security of the route ”.

In support of cancer research

Thus, the President recalled that the Perugia Urban Night Trail 2022 will support for the second consecutive year after the successful experience of 2019, the Pink is Good project of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, for the fight against female cancers and the promotion of a healthy life and the importance of prevention, with the participation of the Pink Ambassadors of the Peruvian team at the event. “We chose the Pink is Good project,” says Longetti. . We like to be close to the Perugian Pinks and, through them, all the women. ”

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