“Mario Strikers Battle League is almost the video game of Florentine football”, in the words of Riccardo Trevisani

After commenting on a whole Strike game, we bothered him again to let us know his perspective on the game, his impressions and the potential he sees in us, as an expert in the world of sports, too. in terms of eSports. For those unfamiliar with the crazy world of Mario Strikers Battle League Football, here is our review and preview!

Have you experienced the Mario Strikers Battle League first hand? Did you have fun?

I had a lot of fun commenting on it, unfortunately I don’t have time to play it and I haven’t had a chance yet, but honestly it seems like a very modern and very fast concept. It’s wonderfully hypnotic because it keeps you hooked on the screen with things that would never exist in normal football. You can defeat your opponent in a mix of football and battle never seen before.

What do you think of the aggressive and spectacular mechanics? Did you find them funny or exaggerated?

Those who play Super Mario are accustomed to exaggerating the Mushroom Kingdom, so if Mario is on the field, don’t expect mock football. The world is full of normal football games but here is an adventure that uses football as a medium and is something completely unique.

What was it like commenting on a Strike match? What surprised and amused you the most?

I was amazed at the organization of the game, it’s extraordinary. When we recorded the comment, there was a team of people following it step by step, desired by Nintendo to make it the best in the world. Usually in football I am very knowledgeable and prepared, here I had to learn a lot, objects, hypertension etc … I experienced something different and I felt the enthusiasm of the players. The action is frantic, there’s always something to say and I haven’t struggled with the comment thanks to my very fast pace, the slower ones, however, will cost them, so the pitchers will have to train hard.

The game seems to have been designed to become an e-sport, if it were successful, would you like to launch some competitive games?

Ha ha! (laughs) I would love to! Absolutely yes, I had the feeling of being in front of an eSport, there is the technical level, the composition of the team and the spectacular. Forwards are revolutionary and football teams that want to look ahead can take this as an example. Italy is a bit behind from this point of view, but I am sure that the smartest will take advantage of this competitive opportunity.

If a new eSports scene is born, do you think that Italian players will be able to assert themselves on the world stage as they do in FIFA?

We’ve always been very good in the defensive phase and we’ve put it in the physical. In Strikers this aspect is very important and, as in the 2006 World Cup final, Italian players win with physicality, mind and experience. Being a spacious track can put many strategies so that there is a way to give way to our bodily and aggressive characteristics. We are good at fighting.

Do you think that Mario Strikers can bring the new generations closer to playing football, intriguing them in some way or are they too far away as worlds?

In my opinion the new generations see this game with fun and play, only to discover that there is a ball rolling and 2 gates so yes, I could bring them closer to football in my opinion. It’s possible because the excitement of scoring and watching a game in the real world is there, and many might approach it.

One last question, superpowers aside, am I wrong or does Srike remember Florentine football a bit?

Has! (laughs) I’m not very expert, but that’s the first thing I thought of when commenting. It’s similar but a little different, it refers to green grass and a rolling ball but it’s not the same, and my first thought when I started commenting on it was to associate it with Florentine football.
But in Florentine football there is no Mario!

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