Lizzo, on the dance floor to celebrate the body and the release: “I ran away from the psychoanalyst, now I show the diva in me”

“I say this before critics do: Special, the album I will release on July 15, will be the soundtrack of the summer. Definitely mine, but I have no doubt: yours too. It is designed for everyone to be on the dance floor and not just the one where you dance. I want everyone to feel unique listening to them: special, in fact. The energy of Melissa Viviane Jefferson in art Lizzo, 34, three albums and three Grammys, it even drives you crazy via Zoom. Yes, the African-American rapper (but graduated in flute across the conservatory), the great artist, author of extraordinary songs such as Suc I The truth hurts he manages to transform his songs into hymns to the positive body and self-esteem. About the damn time I Grrrls, the first two singles from the long-awaited album, are already on the charts around the world. “And they’re just a taste,” he says.

What he does Special so special
“It’s the record that represents me the most. New rhythms, grafted into a sound absolutely mine, which people have been enjoying for a decade. I worked there for three years and it contains everything I am. It is energetic because it celebrates the departure of darkness, which the pandemic forced us to do. Of course, we have not had time to get out of a horrible collective experience that there is already a terrible war, difficult to face. But we can’t be discouraged. We must transform fear into love and strength. For us, for others, for the world. Much depends on how we look at ourselves and how we behave. I know, I’ve been there: that’s why I sing. ”

The difficulty of his journey is also explained in the video by About the damn time
“I wrote it, is it really cool !? It starts with running away from a group psychoanalysis session and I find the strength to go back only after I let out the diva in me … I literally show how I dealt with my problems. Metaphor for the journey I took to build my self-esteem, the way I dealt with my fucking fears. Because of the weight, the color of my skin, I suffered a lot. I found myself in music. And each of us has a profound beauty that we must learn to bring out.

On the other hand it has she pointed out several times: his goal is to create a different standard of beauty. Is that why you define yourself as a “body icon”?
“In America, if you’re a fat black woman, you end up stuck in a stereotype. My father told me what I risked because of my skin color when I was a child. I didn’t want to be scared, but here parents have a responsibility to tell their children what they risk. We know how some Americans treat blacks, and if they are women it is even worse. Instead, I learned for myself how to discriminate against fat people. Here, mine is a challenge to all of this. No one should suffer more than I have suffered. But change begins with us. From the outside they can hurt us but mortification starts in our head: we wake up hating our own body. My songs are an invitation to change my perspective. We are all beautiful and sexy if we decide to be. ”

Is that why you launched a line of dresses and underwear that reaches 6XL?
“I have always struggled to find clothes that fit my body, beautiful and comfortable. When I found someone who believed in me enough to invest in what I dreamed of putting on, I enjoyed developing my ideas. Selfishly, I created mostly for myself – knowing that I was doing it for many like me. I finally have a closet full of things to put everywhere: on the street, on stage, at the nightclub. It’s like bringing my music. ”

He also did a reality show dedicated to the positive body: Watch out for the great Grrrlsdefined by New York News “The big news on the current television scene.”
“I love classic reality shows, all those dramas and fights. They are a forbidden pleasure. But with my schedule, I mostly wanted to find dancers who looked like me for my next tour. Yes, chubby dancers. The most amazing thing is that some of the girls finally eliminated also joined my dance group. Because once they got home they worked anyway and I gave them a chance. The lesson is that even when you lose, by working on yourself you can achieve what you want. ”

In the magazine Variety he said this is just the beginning and he has other ideas for television. Will you put your music career aside?
“The last 10 years have been a dream: lucky albums, very popular shows, amazing clothes, I even sang at Madison Square Garden, the most coveted stage. I have a lot of ideas for the future and they are going in all directions, not what I will do. But I will continue to pursue bigger and bigger dreams. ”

The biggest?
“I’m living it. I only take care of my family with my music and I write songs that the whole world sings.

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