in Andria a great act of solidarity on 18 and 19 June

Sport, dance, health, food and wine and solidarity. There are many themes that will animate the event designed in support of Calcite in Andria, with a fundraiser in favor of cancer patients: solidarity is precisely the ultimate goal of a great event, which will be held on the 18th and June 19 and presented this morning in the Sala Giunta of the Palazzo di Città.

“This event has been conceived for more than a year – explained Councilor Nicola Civita, one of the main promoters of the event – together with the Dance Talent dance school and other associations: we are always at the forefront in terms of solidarity. . I thank Commissioner Troia who immediately worked for this great event, co-organized by Mayor Bruno. We bring to Andria many topics for solidarity, the promotion of young talent and the appreciation of a historic local product such as trenocelle. The event follows last year’s “Andria Riparte” initiative: people are tired of being inside, we do it all together for a just cause. ” And the final recipient of this just cause is Calcite, who has been active in the city for a long time: “We have been at the forefront for 38 years,” says President Dr. Nicola Mariano – and in the current circumstances we are even more so thanks to the participation of many friends with whom this event was created. Solidarity cannot do without many aspects of social life that act in terms of health, such as sport and dance. Today we are closer to cancer patients thanks to the professionalism of doctors and paramedics, we are also collaborating with the Soleterre Foundation to which we have made a significant donation for children with cancer in Ukraine, currently treated in major Italian centers “.

Solidarity is joined by the Trenocelle Festival, now in its third edition: the protagonist is one of the first walking ice creams with waffle, covered in chocolate and three hazelnuts inspired by the three bell towers that stand out on the skyline of the city. The “Sports dance and health united by solidarity” event will be inaugurated in Piazza Catuma with the opening of stands and viewpoints dedicated to Trenocelle, whose history will be illustrated. In addition, in the internal room of the cloister of Sant Francesc there is a pastry laboratory for children of the association Fipe and Confcommercio Andria; in Piazza Catuma, both evenings, there will also be a pastry cooking show. Finally, the whole morning of June 18 will be accompanied by a static exhibition of vintage cars in the central town square. Trenocelle is now an undisputed symbol of the Andriese pastry shop and, among other things, the credit also goes to the master pastry chef Giuseppe Miani to whom Confcommercio and Fipe have dedicated a plaque of recognition. “We are trying to promote the excellence of our territory,” said the councilor for roots, Dr. Cesare Troia – happened with the Gucci show and will also go to future events. We want to link production activities to sporting and charity events in a single message, which is that the city reacts and gets back on track with more confidence in institutions. We have an overview of this city: in this event there will be the possibility of connecting Andria with the town of Montegrosso, as is our intention to connect the city with Castel del Monte.

The two days of initiatives will also focus on dance: among the promoters of the event is the teacher Riccardo Miracapillo, head of the Dance Talent school along with Annamaria Bruno with whom he won the gold medal a month ago at the Italian Sports Dance Championship. . The evening of June 18, entitled “Music in the show of my life”, includes the show of singers and singing talents of our land accompanied by the dance choreographies of Dance Talent. On the evening of June 19, however, the show “We Dancers 3” will take place at the same school. “In this initiative, dance is not a side dish,” says Miracapillo, “but a fundamental component: I am convinced that this discipline, like sport in general, can unite and do good. The Dance Talent has been collaborating for more than eight years with Councilor Nicola Civita to organize solidarity events bringing together different associations to raise public awareness, in this case Calcit. During the event, young dance talents will give themed exhibitions on the fight against cancer. “

Space also for health, with the participation of Avis d’Andria who on June 18 organizes a cycling tour meeting with departure and arrival in Piazza Catuma via Montegrosso. The next morning, the “Avis in Bici” initiative is open to everyone: a walk on two wheels through some streets of the city.

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