GPS classification second band 2022/24, how much is the degree or diploma of access

Interested parties have submitted, before 31 May 2022, applications for insertion, updating and / or transfer of GPS 2022/24. How much is the degree or diploma worth to access the second part of the aforementioned first and second year high school rankings.


We remind you that, with the same question, applicants have updated or entered the provincial rankings of substitutes and in the correlated rankings of bands II and III, choosing up to a maximum of 20 schools in the same province of GPS.

GPS is divided into two bands:

  • en first band aspirants are included skill (specialized for GPS support);
  • en High school GPS band applicants in possession of: Educational Qualification (Graduation including CFU / CFA or additional exams and any additional qualifications) for the specific class of the competition + 24 CFU or qualification for another class / educational level of competition that is to say previous inclusion in the GPS of the specific category of competition;
  • en second band GPS ITP applicants in possession of: Educational Qualification (diploma and any additional title)+ 24 credits or qualification for another competition class / educational level or pre-GPS inclusion for the specific competition class;
  • en second childhood band and primary GPS i SFP undergraduate students enrolled, in the academic year 2021/22, in the third, fourth or fifth year of the degree of Primary Education, having passed, respectively, at least 150, 200 and 250 ECTS in the term of presentation of applications (referring to the number of ‘ECTS in relation to the year of course, the MI has “widened the mesh”, indicating that “It is enough to indicate the credits obtained, which prevail over the tuition“, for which it was sufficient to have achieved at least 150 ECTS);
  • en second GPS support band applicants in possession of: three years of support service in the specific grade + the relative qualification title or the second level GPS access title relative qualification (for infant and primary education) or the degree or second-hand GPS access title of the corresponding degree (for secondary).

In the second year of GPS baccalaureate in the first and second year of primary school and in those of ITP (technical-practical teachers), the access degree, therefore, is constituted respectively by the degree and the diploma, plus the other requirements indicated. previously. Let’s see who evaluates the titles mentioned, how much score is due and how it is calculated.

Who evaluates

GPS insertion / update / transfer requests are evaluated by the competent USPs, that is, those to whom the request has been forwarded. For this purpose, the provincial school delegations may make use of the polo schools, in which they may delegate the assessment of applications relating to specific competition classes, in order to avoid discrepancies in the assessments.

Therefore, the assessment of the qualifications, including those of admission, declared by the aspirants will be the USP or the delegated polo school.

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Scoring and method of calculating the second level access qualification

The required score is assigned to the admission grade:

  1. of table A / 4, annex to the OM 112/2022, for second of baccalaureate of first and second of primary GPS
  2. of table A / 6, attached to OM 112/2022, for second-hand GPS related to ITPs

Title of access to second degree of baccalaureate of I and II degree

The access degree, as mentioned above, is a degree, with which I mean: university degree, specialist degree, master’s degree, academic diploma of the old system or second degree academic diploma.

According to the aforementioned table A / 4, the admission grade:

  • is evaluated based on the grade obtained;
  • if not expressed from 110, it should be compared to 110; in this case, the fraction of votes will be rounded to the next higher grade, only if it is equal to or greater than 0.50.
  • is qualified: 12 additional points + 0.50 for each grade equal to or greater than 77/110; in case of praise are attributed 4 more points.


  1. grade 76/110 or lower: 12 points;
  2. note 77/110: 12.50 points
  3. grade grade 78/110: 13 points
  4. note 110/110: 29 points
  5. grade 110/110 plus tuition: 33 points

Therefore, the maximum score achievable for the qualification is 33 points.

We specify that in the case that:

  1. the title does not indicate the score or the final judgment cannot be quantified in numerical terms, only 12 points are awarded;
  2. the admission degree consists of the possession of a professional degree or titles, as long as it is combined with a degree, only 12 points are awarded.

Second level ITP entry

The title of admission, as mentioned above, is the diploma (until the school year 2024/25). The evaluation method is the same as described above.

The only difference refers to the clarifications, in relation to which the contents of the previous point 2 are not provided.

For the rest, the graduation mark should be compared to 110 and proceed as illustrated above.

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