Goodbye Giuseppe Cairo. Passion for football, commitment to cycling –

C.aro Pap I loved you, you were my myth, I wanted to be like you. As a child, the most beautiful thing for me was when you took me with you. You taught me a lot, everything you knew and I always felt one with you. You will always stay with me. These are the words of the obituary with which Urbano Cairo greets his father Giuseppe, vice president of Turin, who died yesterday in Alexandria at the age of 90 on April 29. I owe it all to my father, a very talented man whom I have always tried to look like. But he has always been better than me, says the president of RCS and patron of Torino since family house of Masio Abbey, a small town in the province of Alexandria on the border with Asti where Giuseppe was born and then returned to live, after a long period in Milan, with his wife Maria Giulia Castelli who died 10 years ago, the 2012, at the age of 79. The famous Mamma Cairo to which Urbano together with his brother Roberto and his sisters Isabella and Laura, and the same father Giuseppe, have entered the Spring Trophy for Teams.

With Maria Giulia, the love of a lifetime, Giuseppe Cairo had shared the faith for Gran Torino. Our Sundays were all about bread and football, Giuseppe said. Both were among the fans who ran through tears on the hill of the Superga on the day of the tragedy, May 4, 1949, when the plane that was bringing the grenade team back to the city crashed after a match played in Lisbon. Giuseppe had been a footballer as a child in Alexandria. Son Urbano finds a historical photo at home depicting his father with his classmates in gray shirts. He played well and was about to be sold to Fiorentina, he says, but he never went because his grandfather didn’t want to. He did not want to interrupt his studies and so he did something else. Like his mother, he was delighted with my decision to buy Torino. On the contrary, he followed me throughout the negotiations, then remaining in the vice presidency. Something beautiful and important that we did together, even more significant – Cairo continues – because in those years my father had a health problem and this commitment also helped us to overcome our worries. Torino Football Club, for its part, yesterday recalled the good and generous man, an example for many: he dedicated his life to work and thanks to the temperament and tenacity that have always distinguished him, he has achieved results. notable professionals. Many will miss me.

Friends of the family gathered at the Abazia di Masio yesterday. Tomorrow at 3 pm the funeral will be held in the parish church of the village, Regina Apostolorum, a via Piacenza. We’ve known each other all our lives and we met not long ago. Giuseppe has always been attentive to the country’s problems, says Mayor Giovanni Airaudo.

But football was not his only passion for sports, continues Urbano Cairo. In his life cycling was an extraordinary experience Iperhaps the one that stays most in my heart with the images of the glorious “Six Days of Milan” that go through my head in these hours. As the manager of Mobilgirgi, very active in sports sponsorship, he cured the cyclists who won the 1969 and 1970s in the important competition of the Milan track: it was Dieter Kemper who won the two first editions paired with Horst Oldenburg and then with Norbert Seeuws. For me as a child it was an adventure and a fairy tale, my father my hero. To those emotions, to that wonder of how he did his job, to those values ​​that my father passed on, I owe to them who I am today. It was really the stimulus to do more in school and then in professional life. As I wrote in my personal message, each of us brothers wrote his own, the greatest consolation now is the memory of me when I was a child holding the hand of a giant.

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