ESC. CH – Female, Motta: “We missed the turning point, not the commitment. And in the next Serie B …”

The Hellas Verona assistant coach spoke exclusively to our microphones

Psychological progress was lacking, but the girls gave it their all: word of Giorgia Mottawhich came exclusively through our microphones, spoke of the Hellas Verona Women’s season that has just ended, but also of the near future of yellow and blue and beyond.

Here, then, is ours interview to the assistant coach of the women’s team of L’Escala.

First year on the bench: how was this new experience?
It was very nice, especially because I saw what is “on the other side”, as a footballer you have a hard time understanding what is “behind” in terms of training preparation, but also mentally. I changed my point of view a bit and that’s what I especially liked“.

A complicated year, which ended with a burning decline: what went wrong?
Surely when Brutti and I arrived we knew the situation was already quite complicated (one point in the first round, ed), but we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, however, we collided with the reality of a very high level championship and could not find a turning point on a mental level. If an unexpected victory had come, for example, we might have succeeded in a miracle“.

What do you save from this championship?
Surely the commitment of the girls: they never gave up and put their heart and soul into it even if the descent was mathematical, which cannot be taken for granted. They remained united and compact even in the most critical moments. They turned out to be real professionals and taught me a lot. Also at the staff level I saw great cohesion and I was also very happy with it“.

Zaccaria Tommasi seems to have confirmed the technical guide: Ready to continue your new adventure?
After a season like this and with all the work I have to do in this period (Motta is a Spanish teacher, ed.) I’m having a hard time thinking about next season already, now I need to take a break. Sure it will be a different championship, but I have known Veronica Brutti since she was fourteen and I know she is a very good coach, so I think the club did well to confirm her.“.

Now there is the Serie B, but a club like Verona can only aspire to recover immediately …
As I am, I believe that Verona must continue to do things in the best possible way, without proclamations or pressures arising from “having” to promote. The level of the next Serie B will be high, so no one will be able to reach the starting blocks with the certainty of being the favorite in the promotion. We are aware that we are wearing the shirt of a historic club, but we just have to work hard, the results will come accordingly.“.

The Serie A will move to professionalism: a step forward, but we are already talking about sustainability …
We have been fighting for this important goal for years. C.There are and certainly will be some difficulties, but I think they have largely been incorporated into the budget. Professionalism is not a question of money, but of protection: after a girl has played in the Serie A for twenty years, it is right for someone to recognize it. It is clear that this is a strong commitment for companies and few will be able to handle this change easily, but as with any major change, it will take time to metabolize before it can go even higher.“.

The European is approaching, how do you see the selection of Milena Bertolini?
I’m optimistic by nature, so I’m convinced the selection will do just fine. The level of our women’s football is rising and the gap with other nations is narrowing, along with the “historical group” there are many interesting new youngsters. In my opinion, Italy will play a great European. Good luck, girls!“.

Let’s close with a record: you are the first woman to play with the Ex Gialloblù shirt …
I’m really honest and I don’t say that to put it that way. The debut was wonderful, they are all “guys”, that’s what I call them, great and I had a lot of fun. I firmly believe in what this association does, it is right to remember every day what they have done for this city and for these colors. As mentioned, I am honored to have been the first woman to play with the Ex Gialloblù and I will always try to honor the shirt with them as well.“.

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