Credit transfers beyond the year

by Cristina Bartelli
Credit transfers beyond the year. In parallel with the exchange of building loans in construction for 10 years, there is also the possibility that banks do not exhaust the credits acquired with the taxes payable during the year in compensation. Surpluses can also be advanced throughout 2022 by breaking the annual compensation limit. Martina Nardi, chair of the Chamber’s Committee on Productive Activities, confirms ItaliaOggi’s progress (see ItaliaOggi of 9/22/22) on the forthcoming changes to the decree law on aid based on amendments by the majority : “These days we will start meetings with the government. And we will work on new changes. The priority goal is to release the five billion problem loans from the Tax Agency platform and give banks room to reopen the purchase of loans However, in the last few hours, new data have arrived from Enea, which has already used the 33 billion that the government had planned for the 110% operation, and now it will be necessary to think about the next scenario “, sums up the It seems that the stumbling block in the use of the deduction during the year, which led to the blockade by the banks that have exhausted the ceiling, can be overcome. The majority amendment provides that: limited to expenses incurred in 2021, use bread rt of the deduction not used at the end of 2022 also in later years “. One more year to distribute the acquired credits and restart the currently blocked acquisitions. Then there is the new provision, always in the sense of facilitating the circulation of credits, which provides credit institutions and insurers with a kind of parachute. The explanatory report on the corrections states that, “given the high number of requests from the sector, new operations have begun to be refused due to the gradual depletion of its own fiscal absorption capacity”. The intervention therefore seeks to recover the operating margins of the supervised operators involved in the circulation of loans, ensuring that the latter do not in any case involve losses. “In particular,” the report explains, “in reviewing the wording of s. 121, with its latest amendment, introduces another paragraph that provides for loans acquired after January 1, 2022 for the possibility only of bankers and insurers who remain at the end of the ordinary period of subsequent use for the sole purpose of subscribing to subsequent broadcasts. of multi-year Treasury bills with a maturity of not less than 10 years “. Credits can be exchanged in BTP. There have also been two coordination interventions on the reality of building renovations. of productive activities, is “put into play Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for social housing, while the second” provides for a 110% expansion for innovative materials that allow the same energy savings of the panels but are private polymers This would not only allow greater use in historic centers with energy-saving results while respecting architecture, but would also encourage the implementation of industrial realities. ”Last but not least, the forecast within the regulations of the extension for single-family homes until October 31 of the completion of 30% of the works to remain within the scope of the facilities.

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