Countdown to Saronno for the “2022 Music Festival”


Appointment from 6 pm in the Garden of Villa Gianetti (via Roma 20) for the “Music Festival”, organized by the association “La Rivincita”, which brought again the city of macaroni for the 2nd year on the platform of the national circuit of associated cities

Countdown to the Saronno Music Festival. Sunday, June 19 from 6 pm in the Garden of Villa Gianetti the event wanted and organized by La Rivincita, a cultural association born from the passion of its founder Carmen Federico, returns to via Roma 20.

On stage many young Saronic talents, Italian and foreign independent artists.

The Saronno Music Festival is part of a broader context: in fact, it is a national event that reaches its 28th edition, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and promoted by the “Italian Association for the Promotion of the Festival of Music “from Rome. This year’s national edition is dedicated to Davide Sassoli and peace and Malika Ayane has been chosen as the official witness.

Sammy Varin will be on stage with Carmen Federicoa Radio Libertà journalist who has always been attentive to the promotion of local talent. Performing various independent music artists from Rachele Zingoni’s singing school “La Musica È Vita”. The dance group “Dance Studio” will perform in three choreographies of contemporary and classical dance, while the audience will be animated by the music of Daniele Martone, Maurizio Pirovano, Gipsy Fiorucci, Marianna Alexeevna Bordiyan, Luciano D’Addetta and performances by Benedetta Spagnoli and Anna Borghetti.

Not only will there be music, but also art and attention to food and wine: Rosa Rutigliano, photographer and amateur gastronomic stylist and Gigi Biffi, president of the Pro Loco of Saronno, will exhibit their works, as well as the artist from Saron Francesco Ceriani who has dedicated a painting to a vision of the city of macaroni. Finally, don’t miss the magic and magic show by the magician John Librizzi.

“As an association we accepted the idea of ​​the Ministry dedicating the 2022 Music Festival to David Sassoli and peaceas always, focusing on local realities and independent music, giving young artists the opportunity to perform in front of the general public, says Carmen Federico, president of La Rivincita. Music is friendship, sharing, synergyit reaches everyone, it opens the heart; we sing when we are happy, when we have to go down, the music puts us in a good mood, and singing in public unites us. Our goal is to give local artists a chance to perform, which is best for those who do a show. At the Saronno event, to give value and prominence to the city, we involved artists and personalities from the city, but not only: there will be Danzarte girls with their emerging talents, local artists, food and wine, photos and typical products that can be found in the space of the gardens of Villa Gianetti. Of course, there will be moments of music and entertainment. We bring together many local realities and many artists who will be invited to Saronno and also to theMass event on June 21always in the framework of the Music Festival: culture is exchange, there will be those who will bring their experiences here and Saronesi who will go elsewhere to explain and make Saronno known. It’s a relaunch, Saronno deserves it, has a lot of potential and deserves to be known, I think that by joining forces we can do many beautiful things. Thanks to our spouses and those who have made themselves available. We will also remember Professor Paolo Stranoformer councilor of Saronno, a man who has supported the city on multiple occasions: on stage his niece Giorgia will sing and for us it is a privilege“.

JUNE 19, 2022 – SARONNO
Villa Gianetti Garden
via Roma 20 – from 6 pm


The members of “La Rivincita” and the sponsors Autotorino (thanks to Cristian and Cristina Arosio), Studio Cis srl, Tipografia Caregnato di Gerenzano, the Pro Loco of Saronno with its president Gigi Biffi contributed to the edition of the music festival 2022., the Prealpi Institute and the Saronno Study Center by Angela and Mariella Strano, the Gourmet by Saronno and Gerenzano, Donna Più by Giusy Gallizzi, the restaurant La Perla in Saronno, Enam, Fonteviva with President Lorenzo Porzano . The media partners of the event are SaronnoNews and VareseNews, Radio Montestella, Radio Orizzonti Saronno.

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