In the 37th edition of Special Olympics, the American Bormiese sector is also present, between competitions and leisure moments.

The 37th edition of the Special Olympics National Summer Games was attended by a group of young people from the US Special Sport sector Bormiese, who went to Turin from June 4 to 9 to compete in sports and friendship with 3,000 other athletes from all over Italy. Unlike the winter editions, in which our children take part in competitions in different sports (cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing …), summer is generally dedicated to bowling, a game that they practice from many years ago and in which they train constantly under the guidance of Romeo, Gilberto and Giancarlo.

We chatted with them to tell us about the trip to Piedmont, which was a challenge but also a lot of fun and in which they were accompanied by Armida, Rina, Andreina and the inevitable Carla Martinelli.

It must be said that they did very well on the bowling alley in Turin, not only because they all won a good medal, but also because the pitch was quite different from what they are used to.

That is correct – explains Romeo Falcione, one of his technicians – the field of Bormio is synthetic while the terrain of Turin was on clay and this involved some more difficulties, so much so that sometimes we also trained in the field of Rasin to get used to it. In any case, the boys were not frightened: they played very well and with a lot of commitment and even the coaches of Special Sport congratulated them because they have really improved a lot.“.

As Romeo speaks, the boys proudly show me their medals. “It was not easy – He says Laura M.because our rivals were good too, but at one point Daniele and I, who were playing together, made a hand with a lot of points and managed to beat them! It was a great satisfaction“.

We’re good because we’ve worked hard all year -he points out rightly Laura DMthanks to Romeo, Gilberto and Giancarlo who train us and tell us how to play“.

In Turin the boys of the Special Sport played in pairs, divided into 4 teams; in the previous phase they immediately showed good preparation, so much so that they all fell into the same category, albeit in different groups. Then, between Sunday and Wednesday, they spent 4 days of intense matches for everyone, showing a bit of initial emotion tempered immediately by the spirit: “When one of us was playing – intervenes Waltereveryone else was cheering because we are a little messy and we also sang a lot, both in Turin and in the van. And we also had fun at the hotel …“.

And then – add Simonwe’ve been to the restaurant a few times because we like to eat and taste the typical products, although the pizza is always the best“.

The beauty of this experience, like the many others linked to Special Sport, is the possibility of being together, of being in open and enriching contexts, of rediscovering old friendships; many young people, in fact, look forward to dating Special Olympics precisely to reinforce well-known facts over the years and to greet friends from all over the world. In addition, the trips are often combined with leisure time: in the case of Turin, the Alta Valle group spent some pleasant hours at the Egyptian Museum, among mummies and sarcophagi, with Daniel who made them an expert guide (Daniele, in fact, has already been to Turin to work during the week of the Book Fair). Another pleasant and long-awaited visit was to the Hotel Etico in Asti where Daniele, and before him Simone, worked for a while, acquiring considerable capacity, practicality and autonomy.

The quietest of all is Will be, which, however, does not lose a Special Sport activity and is perfectly integrated into the group. He nods at what his classmates are saying and she also smiles happy with the good experience.

With the arrival of summer, the boys of the Special Sport sector will start a whole series of outdoor activities, always together and in groups, because the experiences -in the first place- must be shared.


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