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Bologna, 14 June 2022 –The Dall’Ara reopens its doors and welcomes them Joey SaputoBologna overseas skipper, but above all Giovanni Sartori, the new manager of the technical area of ​​the club rossoblù, made it official two weeks ago and was presented today in the press room of the stadium. And the first fixed point is Arnautovic which, they say, is not on the market.

Joey Saputo and Gianni Sartori, together for the first time

About three weeks before the official start of the season, with the Retreat of Pinzolo that will begin on July 6, these are feverish days for the club: on the one hand a transfer market to move forward, to go and strengthen the roles where Mihajlovic he asked graftsinstead, the situation regarding subscriptions. The new campaign, entitled “Passion without limits”, was launched yesterday and offers 100% capacity for the next championship.

And, to take the floor, is the president (video): “Sartori’s choice is a tangible sign of ambition of our club. I want to grow Bologna is not only from an organizational point of view but also from a sporting point of view. For the past two years, we have established the i 52 points“I am confident that with Giovanni, Claudio, Marco and Sinisa we can consolidate our position.”

Emotion, on the other hand, that transcends from the first words of introduction to Giovanni Sartori: “There is a strong feeling inside me, it is emotion. I know I was chosen by a company I belong to history of Italian football. It is a gesture of great confidence that I will do everything to pay with the tools I know: daily work, gratitude and commitment. I don’t know other ways to give answers that society and the square expect of me. I confess to you a personal aspect: when the Bologna call arrived, I saw it as one sign of destiny, why Bologna it’s my dad’s teamwhen they came to Milan to play he took me to see the great Bologna, that of his idols, that of 1964 Scudetto. I feel excited and responsible, eager to live up to the expectations of an ambitious position that I have always loved. I need everyone’s help to live up to the goals that Bologna deserves and that from now on will also become mine ”.

And most of all, calm down immediately Marko Arnautovic and on the market rumors surrounding mainly Arnautovic: “Not only in Sartori’s mind, but also in President Marko Arnautovic is a non-transferable player, not on the market. Never say goodbye, but Bologna starts with Arnautovic. “

A Bologna that also leaves Sinisa Mihajlovic, As Saputo himself explains: “We saw that at the beginning of the season the team had the potential to achieve the goal set. The second half was difficult, but we have every chance of achieving that goal. It will take everyone’s effort. I wanted to give Sinisa a chance to recover. ” While that of Bigon it is a closed door“We invested a lot and after six years we realized it was time to change the cycle.”

So, instead, Sartori in the round, from the market and the relationship with Sinisa living up to the expectations of the crazy Bolognese: “College election to confirm Mihajlovic, we all agreed. I have a video call with the coach every day, at 12 and 19, where we talk about everything. The module? We are working on it. The market? It all depends on the requests. If it weren’t for that, the market would be blocked and it wouldn’t depend on us anymore. The sacrifices could be two, no more. For me Arnautovic is the only non-transferable (words reinforced by the thought of Claudio Fenucci, CEO, who explains how it is “unacceptable to think about selling”). The team is almost finished, two / three pieces would be missing. In these ten days of Casteldebole, I felt more expectations than pressures. Expectations that I perceived as high, now I am ready to work ”.

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