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The National Association of School Directors, ANDIS, represented by National President Paola Bortoletto, was audited by the Joint Committees on Institutional Affairs and Education of the Senate of the Republic, on the Bill on Decree Law no. 36/2022 of initial training, recruitment and continuing education of teachers.

Director Bortoletto, elected to the National Presidency of the Association during the eleventh national congress held on May 12, 13 and 14 in Pimonte (NA), stated that ANDIS has always considered initial and continuing training a priority. of teachers since “the education and training of children and young people depends on the cultural, economic and democratic development of our country.”
With regard to the initial and continuous training of teachers and their recruitment, it is governed by Decree Law no. 36, of April 30, 2022, expressed the perplexity of the Association especially for the methods adopted for the issuance of the text and expressed the hope that the initial training of teachers can make use of the contribution of the Institutes University students and a more effective connection with school institutions …
He did not express any exclusion from the university trajectory that allows access to teaching in secondary schools, but expressed some reservations about the timing of acquisition and total distribution in the annual public tender “in order to to cover regularly and stability of the available chairs with fixed teaching staff and avoiding the expansion of precarious work in the future ”.
With regard to continuing education, President Bortoletto stated that ANDIS has always supported its mandatory nature as continuity “is an essential condition for improving the quality of the education and training system” and expressed his concern for the provision of this service by Higher Education. School as it has an insufficient staff to offer this training service in favor of management, teaching and ATA staff and also noted that the role they will play in this activity is not sufficiently defined universities, educational institutions, colleges. professional law of teachers and managers.
President Bortoletto also called for the national training plan for teachers, managers and ATAs to provide for constant monitoring of the effective impact of training “on the professional fabric of the school” and called for the necessary clarification on the periodicity of training modules “whether it can be optional and whether it will lead to benefits on staff pay”.
He went on to say that “Legislative Decree no. 36 does not yet distinguish additional roles, profiles, tasks and does not value the different levels of experience and competence in a stable way. It introduces the, eluding both the spirit of a current law, the 107/2015 of which speaks (while attendance at an activity encouraged by definition is not mandatory), and the letter of the PNRR (which speaks specifically of career professional). This provision, if applied without change, would lose a historic opportunity to modernize the system and relaunch the teaching professionalism, which could be achieved by enhancing professional development. We are thinking, for example, of establishing a middle management with stable staff figures based on the organizational structure of the school, not only linked to the positive result of a training course ”.
At the end of her hearing, President Bortoletto asked the Government of the Republic that the use of financial resources for the training of school staff be “certain and structural” resources and that the birth rate should not be a reason to reduce them.
The detailed and timely hearing of President Paola Bortoletto confirms and testifies to the active and proactive contribution that ANDIS has made to the “school system” since its inception in 1988 to respond concretely to the changing needs of the times and meet properly urgent demand. education and training from civil society in its various joints.

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