A “license” in robotics at the Industriale de Marsala. Erasmus and mathematical games for Petrosino’s Nosengo

The p. Mattarella ”, known as the Marsala Industrial Institute, is a technical school with a strong educational impact, which provides young people with skills that can be easily used in the world of work.

Since 2016, the Institute has been involved in the field of Industrial Robotics and thanks to the collaboration of two important companies, Pearson and COMAU, leaders respectively in the field of publishing and in the field of Industrial Robotics, has allowed many students to obtain the “Patentino della Robotics”, an international certification highly valued in the industrial field for the technical skills of use and programming of industrial manipulators COMAU managed with PDL2 language.

The Mattarella Institute, directed by the Director Dra. Maria Luisa Asaro, can boast within its staff of three permanent professors specialized in Industrial Robotics and with many years of experience. This is prof. Daniele Tranchida, head of the Robotics Laboratory, improved in 2018 with FEDER funds, prof. Fabio Parrinello, PCTO contact person and prof. Ignazio Pizzo, Instrumental Function for Orientation, all teachers of Electronics and related subjects, who, after having followed a specific course at the COMAU Academy in Turin, were able to train students and teachers as part of the project “Patentino della Robotics” and the conduct of examination sessions for the whole of western Sicily, of a total of 33 qualified teachers throughout Italy.

Last March, on the occasion of “Pigreco Day”, the Institute was pleased to present the “Robotics License” to 30 fifth-graders who had taken one of the two 120-hour courses funded the previous year. entirely with PON. funds from the Ministry of Education and validated for the purposes of the OPC (former School-Work Alternation).
This is a goal that we intend to achieve next year as well, as in September 2022 a new course will begin aimed at future fifth graders.

International mobility and mathematical games in Nosengo di Petrosino

The professors of the Integral Institute “G. Nosengo “, Daniela Mannone, Maria Teresa Marino and Marco Bilardello together with 5 students from the first cycle of secondary school participated in the mobility in Slovakia -from 29/05 to 04/06- in the framework of the European project” AstroSTEM is Cool “together with teachers and students from partner countries: Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey.
The project aimed to develop creativity, cooperation and critical thinking by helping students to integrate their knowledge and skills, through problem-based learning and the creation of new and engaging activities.
During the stay it was interesting to observe the different learning environments and the different methodologies used daily in their school. The different training workshops proposed at the meetings, in which mathematical knowledge was applied to astronomy, were very stimulating. Excursions in the vicinity included a visit to the local observatory where the children had the opportunity to experience the movement of the Earth and the contours of the Sun’s surface; a visit to Trickilandia the “Land of Illusions”; a guided tour of the “Science Park” and the Kosice Planet Museum.
During our stay, a visit to the town of Rimavska Sobota was arranged on board a small train. The search for the treasure, carried out in the streets of this quiet and charming town, in which the children participated enthusiastically and which allowed to strengthen the relations between the students of the countries involved, was very enriching. It is especially suggestive to visit the High Tatras where you could admire splendid stalactites, stalagmites and ice columns in an enchanted setting. Precise and professional were the teachers of the host school who were able to create an atmosphere of cordiality among the participants and make this experience interesting and enjoyable.
Another great success of the Integral Institute “Gesualdo Nosengo” of Petrosino: the students Amato Silvia and Genovese Adele, of the first cycle of secondary, participated, with excellent results, in the national final of the “Mediterranean Mathematical Games”, organized by the Italian. “Alfredo Guido” Academy for the Promotion of Mathematics.

Also this year the school has enthusiastically joined the Mathematical Games with the aim of developing a healthy competition and positive attitudes towards the study of mathematics.

“It is a great satisfaction for the whole school community,” said the manager Giuseppe Inglese, who in recent years has seen many of his students compete fairly with the best students in Italy, and have been winners in various competitions and competitions ”.

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