XIII edition of the Artemio Franchi de Grau Prize

Rome, June 13, 2022. The winners of the XIII edition of the “Artemio Franchi Award”. An initiative of the Artemio Franchi Onlus Foundation with the sponsorship and collaboration of Italian professional football league iUniversity of Florence, which aims to award prizes to authors of master’s and three-year dissertations on topics related to athletes, clubs, sports activities in any discipline and with special reference to the world of football. Recognition has been given to authors who have dealt with issues of a legal nature and inherent in inclusion and women’s football.

The “Artemio Franchi Degree Award” commemorates the figure of the great sports executive who died in 1983 and held the position of president of the FIGC and of UEFAas vice president of the FIFA and whose activity was marked by special attention to all football issues, including those of a legal, economic and social nature. And it is in this current and active perspective, in its most diverse facets and aspects of daily practice, that the authors of the more than 150 works have been guided, who have then been selected by a specialized examination committee.

Greetings from Giovanni Malagò president of Coni who recalled the values ​​of Artemio Franchi and the importance of the Foundation. To deliver the prizes to the winners were Francesco Franchi president of the Artemio Franchi Onlus Foundation, Francesco Ghirelli president of the Italian Professional Football League, Maria Paola Monaco Delegate of the Rector of the University of Florence for Inclusion, Diversity and Sport, Giancarlo Abete president of the NLD, Carlo Mormando son of Vittorio, Franco Carraro former president of the FIGC and member of the IOC. Francesco Franchi also brought greetings from Ludovica Mantovani president of the Women’s Division of the FIGC.

Francesco Franchi is pleased with the success of the initiative, a success demonstrated both by the great participation and by the real and important contributions to the world of sport:

“We are proud of the extraordinary success achieved by the 13th edition of the Prize – says Francesco Franchi, president of the Foundation named after his father Artemio -, highlight the hundreds of works that have come to us and that has examined our Commission: the enthusiasm and professionalism of the authors who have done their best to work with precision, passion, addressing system issues and at the same time issues that sports activity raises daily in their field activity.

We are happy to have rewarded so much effort but the real prize is received by the world of sports and received by all those who have participated in this competition, who have thus contributed to the development and strengthening of culture, values, social function and sport. education.

And it is thanks to you, and it is thanks to the success of this and previous editions – which have always seen Coni by our side – that the Artemio Franchi Foundation, the Italian Professional Football League and the University of Florence will continue. , with always. with more conviction and more determination, to dedicate resources and energies to the Artemio Franchi de Grau Award “.

“The greatness of Artemio Franchi was ahead of time: Franchi today is more modern and current than ever, it is one of the most beautiful parts in the history of the sport, while for Italian football it is still the innovative number one”. Says the president of the Pro League Francesco Ghirelli. “This year, the Lega Pro commemorated Franchi 100 years after its birth with a three-day event and a museum dedicated to its Florence. And never before today, on a day when the values ​​of ethics, culture and sportsmanship arises from the works of these young people, we must start from their teachings to relaunch Italian football and sport “.

So here the winners of the XIII edition of the “Artemio Franchi Degree Award”

He first prize he conquered it Cinzia Mereuthree-year degree in Historical Literature with a thesis entitled “History of football in Italy” and a specialist degree in History and Society with the thesis. “The life of a sports journalist: Gianni Brera”. That’s why Mereu ventured into this myth of journalism: by Gianni. Brera, the father of Italian sports journalism. The inventor of the specialized language of football, when Italy did not yet know how to talk about football, Brera thought of giving voice to this sport and keeping millions of fans hooked on newspapers and radio. A different personality, lover and lively fan of Italian football, inventor of terms such as midfielder or scorer and legendary nicknames such as Rombo di Tuono, Brera was one of the protagonists of the second half of the twentieth century.

Winner of the second prizewith “It’s not just performance: the influence of the PETTLEP-based imaging model on psychological well-being and personal growth “ is Gabriel Costanzo, from Perugia, a psychologist specializing in sports and performance. This is how he describes his work “I have always cultivated an interest in human health and well-being, focusing on Psychology and Sport. Interest that materialized with the use of the PETTLEP approach: an image model that accompanied my university and thesis career. This is an approach that, thanks to the components that make up its acronym, guides the athlete through the use of imaginative training capable of increasing sports performance. In the thesis work developed by me under the close supervision of my supervisor Andrea Guazzini, we also analyzed how this approach, if used correctly, is able to increase not only the performance of the athlete, but also their psychological well-being. A goal that becomes even more valuable from the moment when the beneficiaries of our interventions are young athletes ”.

He third prize and for Alessia Ceccarelli with “Dynamic valgus of the knee and reduced dorsiflexion of the ankle: effects of a specific exercise protocol on young athletes“Alessia Ceccarelli of Limite sull’Arno, has a master’s degree in science and technique of preventive and adapted motor activities. She is currently working as a professor and is pursuing a second degree in physiotherapy at the University of Florence:” The idea of thesis work -says Alessia- took shape taking a master’s degree in team management of the injured athlete: From the study of scientific articles I have defined targeted exercises proposed to young athletes who play football, basketball and artistic gymnastics with the aim of preventing injuries. This allowed me to work with various sports realities in the field of women, experimenting with the effectiveness of the proposed exercises.

Therefore, three Special Prizes were awarded related to more limited but no less important aspects: the Special Prize “Vittorio Mormando“In the field of law, the Special Prize”Together“On Paralympic Issues, Special Award”Women’s soccer“In the world of the other half of the ball.

He “Special Vittorio Mormando Award”. Leonardo De Sisti with “Analysis of Italian sports justice: what are the possibilities of a last resort arbitration system”. Leonardo De Sisti, from Padua, currently in the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant of Vascello, presents his report as follows: “In the Italian sports system there are currently three alternatives: continue to pursue the administrative model, which the judges of the state. take possession of the whole sporting phenomenon or establish an arbitration system. Only the establishment of an arbitration system based on the TAS model in Lausanne could lead to the resolution or at least the mitigation of the problems of our national sports system as it is the only model that allows to mediate between the needs of autonomy. of the sports system and the interventions of state judges. The aim of this thesis is to show how there are still concrete possibilities for establishing a state-of-the-art arbitration model in our country. “

A Martina Di Nunno the “Special Award Together” with the paper entitled: “Sitting Volleyball and Performance Analysis: A Study of the Relationships Between Player Movement and Disability.” A firm commitment to the less fortunate: “The decision to examine sitting volleyball in my undergraduate thesis stemmed from the scarcity of scientific studies in this regard, despite being a Paralympic sport. Thus, with the guidance of my supervisor, Prof. Pietro Mango of the University of Foggia, it was decided to use Notational Analysis in the matches of the European Championships played by the national men’s volleyball team, to verify the relationship between disabilities, methods. execution and effectiveness of an action. The numerous considerations that arose later passed to Fabio Fonte, coach of the team and Laura Rochira, regional coach. This first link with disability is followed by a Master’s degree in adapted preventive and motor activities, experiences as a tutor for inclusion in the CUS, until today being a teacher of students with disabilities. A project is being worked on for the knowledge and dissemination of Adapted Sport to the whole community ”.

Winner of the “Special Prize for Women’s Football ”withWomen’s World Cup: Representation of the Women’s Soccer World Cup through Rai and Sky’s commentary “ is Matteo Serraa graduate in Media, Digital Communication and Journalism who has also worked in the world of football for more than ten years as a coach and head of the youth sector: “The 2019 Women’s World Cup was a significant moment, revealing itself to all effects and purposes as a major media event In the thesis we wanted to analyze this television event focusing on the representative instrument of the commentary of the two stations that broadcast it in Italy, trying to capture innovations and redundancies in languages, styles of communication and messages aimed at overcoming stereotypes and inequalities “.

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