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“There is more respect and loyalty,” said the former Juventus player. . Then, at the Bianconeri …

Football, football and more football. The life of Claudio Marchisio it still revolves around the sport. And it’s not just for a before, during and after his career as a professional player for Juve and the national team. He is into integral football. As a football commentator at the highest level: the team that wins the European Championship (and then does not qualify for the World Cup), the final stages of the Champions League lived in the fields of the most prestigious stadiums in Europe, from the Santiago Bernabeu to Old Trafford. But Marchisio’s “aftermath” is not limited to great football. Just as he kept his head up in the middle of the Juventus pitch, he also has a long look at his sport, his potential and his dangers. He bought a 5-a-side football team that is struggling to reach the Serie A, accompanies his son to the youth football fields on the outskirts and has started to follow women’s football regularly., so much so that he became Pepsi’s Ambassador in the recent Champions League final that saw the girls from Lyon win against Barcelona. For him, who lives in Vinovo near the fields where Juventus women grind results and victories, the growth of the women’s movement is becoming more and more consistent. “I am just happy to be here. The fact that players in Italy have also become professionals is an important step. There has also been strong growth in Europe. “.

But males are light years away.

“The next step is to structure yourself like them. The road is long, but the recent final in Turin was a stage of the highest European level. There you could feel first hand the enormous potential of the movement. “

What surprised you the most?

“Women’s football, like children’s football in youth teams, gives self-confidence. The movement is healthy, football is played to “play football”, in general there is more respect “.

Major football is no longer a sport.

“In the lower categories there is certainly a healthier balance than in the higher ones, without problems of racism or of this kind present in some strips of typhus.”

For too much passion we end up insulting the opposite.

“This is not a passion, but violence. Passion has nothing to do with it. In youth and women’s football certain things don’t happen because there is less focus on you, less attention and more loyalty. There are many aspects to improve in the male part ».

It is often said that to change the football of the big ones you have to start with the boys.

“When I see my son coming home after the game, I see him many years ago. I know when to crush the enthusiasm after scoring and when to encourage him because he didn’t play well.

Difficult balance. Sometimes children are overwhelmed by their parents.

“The passion among young people has always been and always will be, after Covid it is even more alive. There is more expectation, though. In societies and children. The result is higher rhythms, no breaks. But children need breaks.

Don’t you do it with your son like Agassi’s father with tennis? Don’t you train every day?

“When you’re on vacation, you have to disconnect. In fact, if the child has a passion, he goes out to play. It doesn’t have to be a duty. ”

This obsession with high rhythms has taken over the technique. Today it is difficult, even among boys, to see a rival jump.

“I don’t agree. Today the children have a lot more chances to improve technically. I had to study a single image that passed to a vhs to study a movement, they have many more feats of samples filmed from multiple angles. technique is now easier.

So why doesn’t anyone jump on top of the opponent?

“This is not true. More to be true in Italy but because it is a matter of mentality.”

Still with this story that in Italy we only deal with defending?

“Defending is no longer the right concept. But in Italy we are concerned first with stopping rivals. This does not happen abroad. A team has its own idea of ​​the game and pursues it even if it has an advantage. That’s why you don’t change your attitude and the pace is always high ”.

But one of the European coaching champions is our Italian Real Madrid coach Ancelotti.

“It simply came to our notice then. He has trained in England, France, Spain, Germany and also in Italy. His is a European mentality.

The one who scores the fewest goals wins.
“In Italy. In the Champions League, whoever wins the most wins, as in the semi-finals. Football has now evolved. The 0-0 is no longer enough.”

And how can this be explained at the youth level?

“If you don’t train and get used to a certain rhythm, it’s hard to keep up. Here we look for the result immediately, even among children. The goal is always the result, or at school, the vote. We no longer pay attention to the road, which requires time.

What Milan did.

“Thanks to Maldini who has sown well in recent years. And, because of its history, it will also do well in Europe.

And his Juve, instead? He is having a difficult time.

“It simply came to our notice then. As we said before, the only thing that matters is victory, not the way to achieve it. It’s hard to recognize Juventus’ long winning streak. ”

How do you change that mindset?

“You have to play football out of passion, in a safe place. They used to be the oratories or courtyards of the houses. Here in Turin I just opened a camp in the suburbs made from recycled Lay’s chips. Pepsi, the owner of the French fries brand, made a gift to the city and I was glad to open it. In these fields you learn to play football, but also to respect the rules, the opponent, the value of integration, the mixture of different languages ​​and ethnicities.

In this way he forms men, rather than players.

“These are safe places where a child can cultivate their dreams.”

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