What do the POR FESR and the POR FSE + Lombardia 2021-2027 finance?

Reactivation of competitiveness and employment, technological development and access to education. These are the priorities at the heart of the new operational programs of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF ROP) and the European Social Fund Plus (ESF +) of the Lombardy Region.

What the 2021-27 European Funds Association Agreement provides

Pending the official Brussels green light on the Association Agreement, scheduled for the end of July, here is an overview of the proposals of the POR FESR and POR FSE + from Lombardy which they assign together more than 3.5 billion euros for the seven-year period 2021-2027.

What will the POR FESR Lombardia 2021-2027 finance?

The program will focus on three challenges, starting with relaunching competitiveness of the production system.

To support the development of the Lombard entrepreneurial fabric, formed mainly by small and medium-sized enterprises, the POR FESR aims to strengthen investments for Research widespread, innovation I development technologicalencouraging the transfer of knowledge between research centers and companies.

There will also be interventions in favor ofinternationalization of companies, through innovative models focused on new digital technologies (e-commerce, virtual showrooms, etc.), together with actions to promote access to credit and enhance the attractiveness of the territory.

There transition greeninstead, it is the second challenge of the program, which aims to encourage the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable production and consumption models, focused on new technologies,economy circular and on connected and intelligent transportation systems.

The third challenge of the ERDF POR is dedicated to reducing inequalities in urban and inland areaswith special attention to the regeneration of urban areas.

According to the provisional documents, the program may have a budget of 2 billion eurosof which 800 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund, broken down as follows:

  • more than a billion euros to strengthen the competitiveness of companies
  • 642 million euros for the green transition
  • 207 million euros to reduce inequalities within the social fabric
  • 60 million euros for technical assistance activities

What will the POR FSE + Lombardia 2021-2027 finance?

The FSE + ROP also focuses on three challenges, starting with relaunching employmentthrough job guidance and support services, employee retraining activities and innovation of organizational models.

The second challenge, however, focuses onaccess to education and training servicesto reduce the risk of early school leaving and to align training courses with the needs of companies in relation to skills.

As for POR FESR, the third challenge is dedicated contrast of inequalitiesin this case with special attention to the situations of marginality I poverty to be addressed through measures to prevent and combat social exclusion.

The proposed budget for the FSE + POR exceeds 1.5 billion eurosof which more than 602 million euros from the European Social Fund Plus, distributed as follows:

  • more than 463 million euros for employment
  • 557.6 million euros for education and training
  • 444 million euros for social inclusion
  • more than 42.6 million euros for technical assistance

Synergies with European funds and the PNRR

From the thematic priorities of the two operational programs, a strong one emerges complementaritywhich is the basis of several strategic goals.

For example, the ROP FSE + will contribute to the green transition provided for in the ROP FESR, with training, information and awareness-raising interventions aimed at companies, public administrations and citizens. Moving on to the housing services system, however, the actions of the ESF + ROP will focus on social services, while the ERDF ROP will focus on infrastructure interventions.

The two ROPs will work in synergy with each other background Europeans of the 2021-2027 programming programs (such as Interreg, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, LIFE, Creative Europe, etc.) and will contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) in education, employment, social inclusion and health.

Consult the proposals of POR FESR and FSE + Lombardia 2021-2027

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