“VH1 Couples Retreat:” How are Keonna Green and Nick Young now?


The VH1 couple retreat lasts two seasons and offers viewers a front-row seat to the romantic life of celebrities. Over the years, fans have learned how toxic and tumultuous some relationships are. On the other hand, others have learned that honest communication and commitment can provide the clarity you need to move forward. And one couple that seems to be going in the right direction is Keonna Green and former NBA player Nick Young.

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Keonna and Nick are no strangers to drama. The couple has been dating for two decades and Nick is famous and once engaged to rapper Iggy Azalea. However, the two have reconciled and are looking to take their relationship to the next level. However, we all know that the withdrawal of VH1 couples has a habit of raising painful revelations that can strain a relationship. So where are Keonna and Nick now? This is what we know.

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We all know that retiring VH1 couples can easily mean the end of some celebrity relationships. And while Keonna and Nick have had their share of ups and downs, fans have always praised the dancer for their willingness to truly respect and listen to Keonna’s feelings. And it seems that retirement has worked wonders for the couple.

The second season of VH1’s Couples Retreat may be a bit far from its season finale, but social media gives us all the feelings of couples. On March 18, 2022, Nick took to Instagram to post a funny video of himself and Keonna driving in a car. The video features a hilarious voice-over from Pinky’s 2000 comedy “Next Friday” scolding her driver for driving too fast and almost causing Pinky to spill her liquor on her dress.

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Although the couple do not carry a PDA, both Keonna and Nick have fun with each other proving that they are still strong. Not to mention, the two still follow each other and are often posted on their Instagram stories.

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While Nick’s relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea is in the news yesterday, Keonna’s grief over her decision is still alive. Withdrawal of VH1 couples does a great job of allowing the couple to reveal their feelings, no matter how traumatic they may be, for the other party to face reality. And Nick was finally able to see how bad his relationship had been with Keonna.

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I was surprised, but I was glad she could express how she felt, “Nick told Bossip about Keonna’s feelings about her past relationship.” I thought it was nice for her to tell me how she really felt. I made her go through a lot of things, so I knew she had feelings, but I’m glad she was able to really talk and let go of some things. “

Nick also added that the experience has allowed him to learn new things about Keonna and that he is grateful for the opportunity to rekindle their relationship.

It’s no secret that navigating a high-profile relationship involves their struggles, but we’re glad to see that both Keonna and Nick are engaged to each other.

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