the disabled daughter, the macumba, football in Di Carlo

To explain the importance of time in choosing the press, Baldini shows his Mandy Harvey, the deaf American girl, who sings like a nightingale, barefoot, to feel the vibrations of the music on the floor. “I don’t teach football, I teach life. I was born poor. Mine are the values ​​transmitted by those who have lived through wars. If I had not had my wife and children, I would have returned to the mountains of Sicily. I like the pastor’s life. Your ideas must be your courage. It’s all too easy to be brave with other people’s ideas. Here, in this life, we are not painting any picture. We are in the picture. “This passage from an interview with Vanity Fair a few years ago makes us understand in part who Silvio Baldini really is, the coach who brought Palermo to Serie B after yesterday’s play-off against Pisa.

Baldini’s first life in Empoli: ascension and salvation

Silvio Baldini was born between the Carrara marble and that land will always carry everything with him, when the wind was in favor and when it was against. His first great successes as a coach come Empoli: brings the Tuscans to A and also comes to salvation. Many teams are looking for him, but instead of staying in Serie A he chooses Palermo.

Baldini and the first flop in Palermo

Zamparini fills it with money. But it’s a mistake, as he himself admitted: “One day I go home and say, ‘I got an amazing offer: three years for two billion a year.’ “We have three children and nothing behind us. At that time we were always under the bench: when I started coaching Chievo I had a red 28 million. I accepted and from that day on I stopped being a coach. I started checking the Bag or look at the price of real estate; I gave up my passion and scraped the barrel. It was more correct to end up in teams like Genoa, Sampdoria or Fiorentina, to win less, but to build. Instead, I lost. “

He was convinced at the time that he was a football wizard, in a conference call to reporters: “I promised my father that I will coach Juve one day and I will succeed ”. And with a powerful punch he breaks a table. He does not know that this is the beginning of the decline.

Zamparini exonerates him for Christmas, Baldini has a three-year contract and decides to stay, to the last lira. The hard years of his youth may return to his mind. In Il Fatto Quotidiano he revealed: “To support us, I got up at four in the morning, wore a wetsuit, fished sea ​​bass and 70-80 pounds of mussels; my wife picked me up again at 8, with breakfast, so I ate, took home and clams, he cleaned them and in the evenings he sold them to restaurants. He earned 80,000 lire a day. And then I rented the umbrellas on the public beach, a thousand lire a day. By the end of the season, he was earning the $ 10 million he needed for the winter. He was carrying a unique evil. A healthy evil. I’ve never been with the strongest. I am a anarchist“.

The return to Catania and the kick to Di Carlo

In football, he returned to Catania in 2007-2008 but is no longer the same person. It’s the first day of the Serie A championship, the rossazzurri face the delicate away match of Parma at Tardini. Baldini is also agitated. The referee scolds him, making him nervous. The hosts’ coach, Mimmo For Carlo, approaches the bench of Mount Etna while Baldini gives directions to his followers. Between the two they want sparks, they want big words. Then Di Carlo turns, Baldini chases him, throwing at big ass kick. One month of disqualification, a fine of 15,000 euros, scandal on television. But for Baldini, in reality, the consequences are disastrous: since then very few clubs have managed to trust him, the decline of the Massa coach begins with a season in Serie B with Empoli, a certain presence in the sidewalk with Vicenza, then darkness. . .

Baldini and the curse of his Brazilian girlfriend

But Baldini’s story is not just about football. Rewind. Let’s go back 40 years. To Rosy, his Brazilian girlfriend. He told Giancarlo Dotto for Vanity Fair. “I met her at a nightclub. She’s getting pregnant. I had to marry her. It’s all set. Three days before, I hear a voice inside telling me, ‘Don’t do this. I was gambling. At three in the morning a friend arrives with my mother: Rosi has had her veins cut at the hospital. abortion in Naples and back in Brazil. Disappears. I know Paola, ten months later I decide to marry her. Rosy calls me on the eve of the wedding. He didn’t know about my marriage. “I hope you can suffer what I suffered, ”he curses me. My wife is pregnant. Ultrasounds are all regular, but I say them. “There’s something wrong … I can hear it.”

Baldini and his disabled daughter, a dramatic story

“Valentina was born twenty days late. He risked dying in his mother’s womb. He is a disabled child. He was supposed to be 6 months old, now 35 years old. One hundred percent disabled. He does not speak. He can’t stand it. I knew it. I heard it. And do you know why? I’ve always known what evil is. That baby he should have been born, I took that girl out of happiness to be a mother, I made my selfishness win and I was punished ”.

The rebirth of Baldini training the Carraresos for free

Baldini’s career starts from scratch. After six years without a bank, he accepts Carrarese, he accepts but only if he can work for free. He will explain: “Now football is infested with managers who, in my opinion, in most cases are incompetent and only think of their own advantage. I got tired of dealing with certain people, so I decided to make a radical choice. When I received a call from the team in the nearby city where I live, I proposed to the presidency of train for free as long as they put me in a position to be free, that is, to have nothing to do with the managers and to be responsible for my actions only to myself ”.

Between its forests and its mountains it finds the very essence, it regenerates. He is ready to leave and in December last year he accepted the Palermo bench in Serie C. Eighteen years after the failure of his first adventure in Sicily. He reaches the playoffs, wins the challenge, returns the rosanero to B. Il karma paid, the circle closes, Silvio Baldini is again a winning coach.

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