Summer school: writing workshops, English improvement, relational. Proposals for teaching schools

Also in the 2021/22 academic year, after the positive experience of last academic year, the summer plan returns. In total, about 300 million euros for activities aimed at recovering students’ learning. This year, part of it is dedicated to the new emergency: refugee students from Ukraine.

Note 994 of 11 May provides information on the development of activities. These include an indicative series of proposals for school evaluations:

  • activities for the recovery of formal learning, through encouraging and active ways; creative writing workshops, comparison of poetic topics between different cultures, math games, chemistry and physics experiences, etc .;
  • CAMPUS activities (Computer Science, Art, Music, Public Life, Sport) and “Summer School”. In many territories there are public and private institutions available to collaborate free of charge with schools;
  • strengthening the teaching of the English language, also for Italian students, with active methods and as far as possible in the situation (for example, taking advantage of tourist contexts for small operational activities);
  • support for relationality through the prevention and fight against cyberbullying, updating the range of interventions according to the current political, social and ethical situation. Include education in the right interpersonal relationships and the denial of all forms of violence. For example, the inability to distinguish the true from the false in what is found on the Internet — the confusion between the number of likes or views and the ascertainment of the truth of the facts — suggests education in the timely verification of events and sources. , assess the validity of news or statements made online (fact-checking);
  • for all ages, development and in-depth study of environmental issues, linked to energy saving and responsibility for the environment itself: cleaning of gardens and channels, “adoption” of flower beds or plants in public parks … It is worth remembering that the use of the hand has made our species what it is, it has allowed brain, cognitive and language development. Loss of manual skills in new generations has serious repercussions on cognitive, mental, and relational structures;
  • peace education through experiential learning, such as non-violent conflict management activities (suitable for different ages and conditions), increased mutual trust, ability to collaborate towards an end, etc.
  • for the little ones, collective play projects, for example through the rediscovery and exchange of traditional games from different countries of origin;
  • always for the little ones, psychomotor interventions performed by expert staff, not only in working with children (and this would be obvious) but also with children in stressful situations;
  • for adolescents, carrying out small manual activities, with socializing and educational purposes, of education for the civil and environmental coexistence (for example, arrangements of arrangement of vases, bicycles of the companions, …).

The three phases:

– Phase I, Improving Skills (June):
dedicated to strengthening and enhancing disciplinary and relational skills, with workshops, group activities, and with special attention to the reception, integration and language literacy of young Ukrainians;

– Phase II, Open School (July and August):

“open school”, “open school” contexts, territorial community spaces are foreseen;

– Phase III, Introduction to the new course (Septemberuntil the beginning of the classes):

for the familiarization with groups of equals in school contexts and the accompaniment of the students towards the new beginning.

Participation in the activities of the Summer Plan for students, families, teachers and ATA is voluntary.


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