Sport: Record-breaking Dolomiti Extreme Trail

More than 1600 competitors, from 51 countries, run on the roads of the Val di Zoldo in three days of great intensity. In the name of inclusion and with the involvement of an entire territory

Hard, extreme, infinite, technical, inclusive, fascinating. That was all Dolomiti Extreme Trail, race-event along the paths of the Val di Zoldo (Belluno) in the heart of the beautiful Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ninth edition was held from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 June 2022, a very popular edition that in fact set the attendance record: more than 1600 competitorsrepresentative 51 nationswhich competed with the presence of Pelmo and Civetta, Moiazza and Bosconero, Prampèr and San Sebastiano.

Inclusion, among competing Paralympic athletes and new projects

As of 2021, the Dolomiti Extreme Trail is back this year inclusive: protagonists some Paralympic athletes, among them Moreno Pescethe Venetian athlete who, together with the Dxt ed Andrea Cicini, CEO of the communication agency Matches Group, which deals with the marketing, sponsorship and social strategy of the event, is also working on a project for the creation, in Val di Zoldo, of paths that can be used by athletes with disabilities, even in wheelchairs. The idea is to create real routes to the wonder of the Dolomites for everyone.

A growing event, edition after edition

Again to the agency of Cicini the merit of the relaunch of the three days that in fact, from this edition, have joined numerous big marks like ENERVIT, CISALFA, ASICS, ROCK EXPERIENCE, THERABODY and others. “This ninth edition of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail is a great satisfaction»Commented the coordinators of the organizational staff, Paolo Franchi and Corrado De Rocco of the Zoldo Athletic Association, which is headed by DXT. “What is striking are the numbers: it was a very important participation that rewards the promotional work that we have done since the first year and that we continue to do constantly. Another important fact is the involvement of the territory: the whole Val di Zoldo is involved in this event which also has a fundamental tourist value. Thanks to the more than three hundred volunteers, associations, sponsors and administrations, from Val di Zoldo to the neighboring municipalities.“.

One event, many races. Even for the little ones

In the most prestigious and difficult race, the 103 K (103 kilometers of urbanization for 7,100 meters of elevation gain, starting at 10 pm on Friday, June 10) Galen Reynolds, Canadian transplanted to Slovenia. Reynolds, born in 1984, took 14 hours. After a first half in the company of a small group, before the half Reynolds went all alone to win by more than an hour ahead of Andrea Mattiato. For the latter, an athlete originally from Valsugana but living in Feltre, a second place of great satisfaction after a duel with the Austrian Gerald Fister. Fourth was local athlete Tullio “Ronnie” Corazza. Foreign success also in the 103 K rose where the Pole won, at 16:21 ‘ Marta Wentaalready winner of the Dolomiti Extreme Trail in 2017. The Belluno di Cortina climbed to the second and third steps of the podium respectively Valentina Michielli and Slovak Lenka Sentkeriestova.

In the second race for distance and unevenness, the 72 kilometers (more than 5,000 meters altitude, departure at midnight on Friday 10) the successes were for the South Tyrol of Laghetti di Egna Jimmi Pellegrinian athlete who has always been a protagonist on the Zoldo tracks and in the Bergamo area Marta Viganòto the first experience in Val di Zoldo.

In the race 55 kilometers (the historical distance, that of the first edition, 3,800 meters of altitude, departure at 5 in the morning of Saturday 11) the Slovenian prevailed Sebastian Zarnik and South Tyrolean Merano Julia Kessler.

On Sunday the shortest races, although they are characterized by important unevennesses: the 22 kilometers (1,000 meters altitude) and 11 kilometers and 700 meters altitude. Val Badia’s South Tyrolean Luca Pescollderungg (who repeated the 2021 victory) and Emilian Chiara Lelli won the 22 km. 11 kilometers (700 meters altitude) the fastest were Armin Larch from South Tyrol of Vipiteno and the French Pauline Margeot. In the race on Sunday 12 in the morning also 250 very young people, protagonists of Mini Dxtengine game test.

Arrivals, in detail

Men’s 103 km: 1. Galen Reynolds (Canada) 14: 00’36 “; 2. Andrea Mattiato 15: 04’37”; 3. Gerald Fister (Austria) 15: 06’45 “; 4. Tullio Corazza 1: 50’22”; 5. Ivan Giordano 16:34:27 “.

103 km women: 1. Marta Wenta (Poland) 16h21’53 “; 2. Valentina Michielli 17h17’46”; 3. Lenka Sentkeriestova (Slovakia) 17h57’39 “; 4. Denise Zimmermanz 2h00’56”; 5. Natalia Romana Lopez 21h06’35 “.

72 km homes: 1. Jimmi Pellegrini 11h27’04 ”; 2. Andrea Paladí 11h40’01 “; 3. Mattia Depaoli 12h12’15”; 4. Modris Trulis (Latvia) 12h21’55 “; 5. Alessandro Dalmonte 12h27’30”.

72 km women: 1. Marta Viganò 13h11’41 “; 2. Ilaria Magistri 14h22’25”; 3. Maria Kubova (Slovakia) 2:45:45:52 ”; 4. Marta Ripamonti 15h25’21 “; 5. Aleksandra Szafranska (Poland) 16h18’50”.

Men’s 55 km: 1. Sebastjan Zarnik (Slovenia) 7h02’58 “; 2. Espen Hermans (Norway) 7h31’02”; 3. Tiziano Scatolin 7h32’02 “; 4. Benedikt Nussbum (Germany) 7h32’28”.

55 km women: 1. Julia Kessler 7h19’17 “; 2. Natalia Tomasiak (Poland) 7h4749”; 3. Olga Baranova (Russia) 9h45’38 “; 4. Elena Cerutti 9h51’51”; 5. Ramute Varnelyte (Lithuania) 9:58:34 ”.

Men’s 22 km: 1. Luca Pescollderungg 1h39’39 “; 2. Raffaele Teza 1h41’36”; 3. Ales Svetina (Slovenia) 1h49’54 ”; 4. Stefano Mognol 1h54’31 “, 5. Simone Vigolo 1h55’28”.

22 km women: 1. Chiara Lelli 2h03’43 “; 2. Sara Cavallet 2h05’01”; 3. Martina Brustolon 2h09’16 “; 4. Silvia Cortesi 2h25’46 “; 5. Patrizia Driving license 2h26’00”.

Men’s 11 km: 1. Armin Larch 51’00 “; 2. Marco Piccin 55’24”; 3. Filippo Votta 55’31 “; 4. Marco Bortolot 1h01’01”; 5. Andrea De Stales 1h01’49 “.

11 km women: 1. Pauline Margeot (France) 1h20’41 “; 2. Victoria Mair 1h22’13”; 3. Tess Middleton (Great Britain) 1h23’03 “; 4. Poppy Fairtlough 1h28’31”; 5. Elisa Toniolo 1h29’41 “.

Men’s Mini Dxt: 1. Iacopo Costantin 11’01 “; 2. Giordano Arnoldo 12’11”; 3. Davide Ghedina 12’32 “; 4. Filippo Costantin 12’37 “; 5. Pietro Libraletto 13’04”.

Women’s Mini Dxt: 1. Eliska Anna Milfait (Czech Republic) 13’44 ”; 2. Chiara De Nard 14’17 “; 3. Marina Costantin 14’33”; 4. Letizia Uberti 14’38 “; 5. Mia Scussel 14’55”. For all the details of the rankings:

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