Silvio Baldini, a kick in the ass * or hypocrisy

Silvio Baldini: passion, ideas, values, direct and smoking character, a free man, anarchic and never banal. He grabbed Palermo and turned him around like a sock, pushing him beyond his limits until he was promoted to Serie B. Here’s who is the new hero of the rosanero also remembered for football in the ass * or Di Carlo (and all around)

S.ilvio Baldini it’s a kick in the ass in the world of football. Not the game, not football itself, but the environment, its paradigms, its banality, its clichés. A kick in the ass like the one he gave Domenico Di Carlo the first day of the 2007-2008 Championship, in Serie A, at the Tardini in Parma (and, years later: “I should have given it to him”), as the sharp words he reserved for Zamparini years ago . (“The other week, when the president spoke, he said there’s no game, there’s no here, no, well – better than a president telling a coach I don’t want you, leave him out and looking for another one, because they are shit, it’s useless, it’s useless to build trust, to create a positive spirit. It only serves to create a bad mood, to make you angry. I don’t challenge the president: I challenge common sense “), an eccentric modus vivendi for this world (” I don’t teach football, I teach life “) but which has bewitched some of its players who still adore it today. Daniele Adani , above all.

S.ilvio Baldini Sunday evening he recovered the Serie B on the Palermo bench because “it was written” that it would go like this. The outcome of the double final against Padua was inevitable, as was the match against Triestina, Entella, Feralpi Salò, and against Giuliani, the start of the series, it was a “match assigned by fate and fate decided that we I wouldn’t have lost. ” Cita Santa Rosalia, Baldini, loves Sicily, loves it and feels loved, because it lives on freedom and sensations. B had left him eleven years ago and for five years he had left football tout court. The B will find him in a few weeks, but who knows how long, especially in a football like the contemporary that, humanly, it’s not Baldini’s footballwhich must be read in his own words. conferences, flash interviews, interviews, television epiphanies, phrases outside of tactical exercises: a little zibaldona, or rather a ziBaldini, is the only collage of words – even grammatically imperfect ones, daughters of enthusiasm: perfection is not of his world, and it is good that it is so – that can honor him. Words that are not merely meaningful. They are meanings. The ones above and the following.

I feel like a happy man when I feel like a free mansometimes he happens to be a coach, sometimes he does other things. “

“Courage must be accompanied by passion.”

“You have to play to look for the sensations that make you express yourself as if you were a poetas if you were a painter, as if you were a person who does something artistic: you should never give up on that, if you give up on that you give up on your dreams ”.

I’m in love with the road which has given me life. The most important thing, even if it seems trivial, is the emotions I feel for my family.

Honestly, I don’t give a shit about victory and defeatI’m interested in the path, I don’t care about this world, I’m not a speculator, I want to be free. “

“It’s not what people say or comment about you that determines your future, it’s what you say to yourself when others stop talking.”

I was born poor. Mine are the values ​​transmitted by those who have lived through wars. If I hadn’t had my wife and children, I would have returned to the mountains of Sicily. “

That last sentence, when he was not in charge of any club, when no one was looking for him. And then he returned to Sicily, to Barbera. He won, as a free man. Here: who knows how long Palermo – in the rosary eagle flies City Football Group, in today’s rumors – will remain free. Baldini, on the other hand, did. Be a coach. Or to do something else.

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