San Marino football. The tie is close but Malta wins 1-0

The first time San Marino in Malta begins with a minute of silence to commemorate the untimely death of Marc Piscopoa home team warehouse worker who died after a long illness.

Costantini confirms the lineup announced at the press conference, with Fabbri from the start and throwing David Tomassini with Lunadei alongside Battistini. From Addario and Grandoni in the room, with Ceccaroli supporting Nanni. Palazzi and Rossi confirmed, Elia Benedettini returns to goal.

The challenge is tough from the first few minutes, though San Marino takes over possession after the preliminary study phase. The most promising start-up opportunity begins with a Lunadei cleverly intercepts the pass, which downloads side by side for Nanni. The striker loses service time from midfield and the local defense closes effectively. A little later there is one Grandoni’s inaccurate attempthe tries it from 20 yards with the left.

The hosts protest at 19 ‘ when, in the development of a corner kick, D’Addario moves Apap to the penalty area. For the Dutch Higles you can play and this time the VAR does not interfere. Three minutes later, the whole stadium rises leftists on the march of Camenzulireleased from a rebound on D’Addario on the edge of the area. This is the best time for Malta, also thanks to his left side able to invent the best and most dangerous plays. The most delicious opportunity of the Knights of St. George is approaching half an hour: Teuma gets in the area and crosses the center, Montebello anticipates Palazzi and throws a moving penalty.

Best Malta in the second half of the first. Bonello trembles 40 ‘on the right around Ceccaroli, released on the left by the great work of Nanni – who defends a defensive postponement of the repeated attacks of Pepe. Malta also becomes dangerous but the shot doesn’t touch the mirror: Teuma charges a powerful left-hander who ends up not far from the crossbar.

At the beginning of the second half Malta aims to attack and wins two corners in a few minutes. The ball landed at the feet of Montebello, who was completely unmarked in the box offside. The referee does not judge the attacker’s position as active, the action takes place in the lane for the Cross by Camenzuli who finds Zach Muscat’s winning play on the near post. Head shot that leaves no way out for the Benedictines. The people of San Marino invoke the intervention of the VAR, but there are no indications of a review by the Dutch arbitration director. Malta flies on the wings of enthusiasm and in the 58th minute Guillaumier-Mbong becomes dangerous on the axis, Benedettini intervenes and pushes the ball aside.

After 60 minutes of play Costantini requested a double change: inside Rinaldi and Mularoni. Shortly afterwards, however, Malta became dangerous: Beautiful mountain wins the physical duel with Palazzi e surpasses Benedettini from an insignificant distance. The VAR has canceled the Maltese dubbingwhich points to the Maltese striker’s millimeter offside position. The home side kept trying to force their way through on the right side and Teuma got his chance after 80 minutes, but the home side’s defense held their position and stopped the attack. San Marino’s response came in the 68th minute D’Addario’s left that splits the outer post to Bonello’s left. Hands on hair by the side of the Tre Fiori.

San Marino is unbalanced in a final in search of a draw e Malta becomes dangerous with Mbong, who takes advantage of Fabbri’s slip to shoot from inside the area, but Benedettini takes charge. The San Marino player was then reluctant to deny the goal to Camenzuli. The party parade goes to benedictines: at 72 ‘ Rejects Teuma’s header with a sure foot, which hits the edge of the small area. The goalkeeper’s response was sensational, keeping San Marino in the game.

San Marino returns to the Maltese area after the second double change: Zafferani, a newcomer, serves Fabbri who crosses from below. Bonello is alert and denies Rinaldi’s easy support on the net. The white and red of the house responds with an action that suffers at least two fortuitous deviations e, tAlone in the area, Montebello comes out on the right. In the 84th minute, San Marino suffered again, with Mbong jumping through a Rossi tunnel and stopped in the corner by Benedettini’s providential exit. The Cesena goalkeeper also showed his composure in the 88th minute, deflecting Degabriele’s left.

At the start of the four-minute break, Fabbri suffered a rampage after a winning overtaking on the edge of the area and fell to the ground in pain. The Titans face overtime minutes outnumbered, in which they build one sensational opportunity to score at the end. Nanni runs deep and passes to Rinaldi, then to Vitaioli who doesn’t knock on the door. Another regret for the San Marino players was that they did not find a goal that, again this evening, was more than achievable.

UEFA Nations League, Day 4 | Malta 1-0 San Marino

MALTA [3-4-1-2]

Bonello; Apap (78 ‘J. Borg), Pepe, Z. Muscat; J. Mbong, Guillaumier, Paiber (78 ‘Vella), Camenzuli; Teuma; Gambin (from 71 ‘Degabriele), Montebello (from 87’ Satarian)

Available: Formosa, Galea, Magri, S. Borg, N. Muscat, Corbalan, Busuttil, Micallef

Coach: Devis Mangia

SAN MARÍ [3-5-1-1]

  1. benedictines; Ferrers, Rossi, Palazzi; D’Addario (from 78 ‘Zafferani), Lunadei (from 85’ Vitaioli), Mi. Battistini, D. Tomassini (60 ‘Mularoni), Grandoni (60’ Rinaldi); Ceccaroli (from 78 ‘Hirsch); Nanni

Available: A. Simoncini, S. Benedettini, Cevoli, E. Golinucci, F. Tomassini, Censoni, Cesarini

Coach: Fabrizio Costantini

Referee: Dennis Higles (NED)

Assistants: Erwin Zeinstra (NED) and Mario Diks (NED)

Fourth official: Sander Van der Eijk (NED)

VAR: Jeroen Manschot (NED)

AVAR: Allard Lindhout (NED)

Scorers: 50 ‘Z. Muscat

Reserved: Lunadei, Mi. Battistini, Rossi

Notes: 2646 spectators.

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