REGGIO – Instituto Integral Diego Vitrioli – Principe di Piemonte: Projecte English Plus

TheDiego Vitrioli Integral Institute – Prince of Piedmont concludes the three-year experimentEnglish Plus coursewith the delivery of the Cambridge Certifications by the representatives of the International House British School of Reggio Calabria.

The ceremony held at Living room of the Vitrioli Institute, chaired by the Director Dr. Maria Morabitosaw the director of the IH British School RC at the panel of speakers, Marco Gosothe business development support manager “Cambridge English Italy”, Simon Brownand the two representatives of the project, prof Canal Tweety and prof Antonella Palumbo.

Among the audience, in addition to the “certified” young people, also their relatives who attended the rich presentation, by the students, of written thoughts, anecdotes and dedications, mostly in English, intended to represent emotions and moments of the ‘experience gained. over the three years.

The project, which came to an end thanks to the great determination of all those involved – children, school teachers, management, expert mother tongue teachers, parents and all school staff – was completed. despite the great difficulties and uncertainties due to the pandemic, achieving the goals without giving up anything that was planned in 2019, evolving and improving according to the new pandemic scenarios.

After a brief summary of the course, with the “surprise” greeting of all the “international” expert trainers, addressing the public, the Manager Maria Morabitoexpressed gratitude to teachers and students “In these three years we have learned that whenever there is an impediment we should not be discouraged. Three years ago, when we started this journey together, your parents trusted our school … we had planned a whole new path and there was no experience in that regard. We said to ourselves, let’s try it! We had goals … the stages were very accessible, but it happens that we have to reverse course, the pandemic gave us the first stop and it was not easy to continue … but the pandemic rediscovers us in our strength. Having wanted to talk about Ceremony, now, does not mean so much what this word evokes in its meaning of ritual, because today this term is used to give the right importance to the result achieved, thanks to your strength and perseverance of teachers, but also to support your parents in continuing our journey “

After the principal’s speech, the principal of the IH British School RC spoke. Marco Gosopointing out “From my point of view, we can talk about collaboration when we achieve results that cannot be achieved alone, as the partners have improved among themselves to carry out this innovative project. The results achieved are exceptional and both we and the School have improved synergistically. ”.

At the end of his speech, Marco Gaso presented the DS with a plaque as a symbol of the great educational affinity between the two institutions.

After the interventions of the very young students, the two referents, prof Antonella Palumbo he stated “I am happy to have reached this result. It was an experience that enriched me a lot. We all gave, together with you, the best of us.”; while prof Canal Tweetyespecially thanking the students and their achievements, he added “What’s more interesting, for a language teacher who interacts every day with mother tongue teachers from different cities and countries … and with them they exchange teaching strategies and see their students develop language skills based on knowledge learned from the curricular lessons! “

Among the interventions were those of the parents, satisfied with the achievement of the goals that saw them fully involved.

The speeches concluded Special guest Simon Brown which, entertaining the students, he asserted “We are talking about a team of excellence… ”, And comparing the experience gained during the project with that shared by athletes in the world of sport, concludes “After three years, the best time is when the fruits are gathered and all the work done can be appreciated.”

The Ceremony continued with the delivery of the Cambridge Certifications to the students who have completed the three-year course, that is, to the students of the 3E specialist class, who after receiving the parchment, all together, have thrown the touch to the ‘air.


ENGLISH PLUS is an experimental and innovative project that began more than four years ago and has evolved and improved along the way. Developed with a long-term program, it involved both Primary Education (Specialty Sections B and D) and Baccalaureate (Specialized Section E) and, since last year, also the Nursery, ensuring continuity didactic to the students that leave the eighth of primary, with the future paths that offer the institutes.

Among the main objectives of the project, in addition to the development of the knowledge necessary to achieve certifications up to level B1, therefore above the generally required level, accredited by a prestigious and recognized institution such as Cambridge, also the specific use of the language and the application of the Anglo-Saxon methodology more focused on key competences, such as: communication, self-confidence, problem solvingcritical thinking and teamwork.

English Plus also ensured contact with an international context, given the participation of seven different mother tongue teachers during the three years of the cycle, who supported curricular teachers by creating a synergistic integration that allowed to optimize and develop methods and methods innovative. strategies at all levels.

This approach has made it possible to go beyond the training of learners, implementing and improving the teaching and planning skills of teachers and, more generally, of the whole school.

During the three years, up to 230 students, belonging to the three school orders, have been involved, for a total of 1,300 hours of training, including the study of English. maths I musicuntil the attainment of the Cambridge Certification.

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