Pedagogical Coordinations, Powder: The aim is the qualification and extension of the zero-six system

The training and implementation of pedagogical coordination in the center of the training day aimed at municipalities, organized by Anci Lombardia in collaboration with the Region and the Regional Office of the School to take stock of the regulatory framework and eliminate any doubts about Coordinations to be started in the regional territory.

The webinar followed the publication in BURL n. 21 of 27 May of the DGR no. 6397 of May 23, 2022 “Approval of the guidelines for the implementation of the Territorial Pedagogical Coordinations, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 65/2017 “.

He has opened the works Augusta CeladaDirector of the Lombardy Regional School Office: “In relation to the start of pedagogical coordination, the Regional School Directorate has activated all the actions within its competence and through a panel discussion with the Region has begun training of the staff in order to give continuity to the training of the children in the age group zero-six to leave a dimension of assistance and to enter a dimension that guarantees the equality of opportunities ”.

Loredana Poli, President of the Department of Education, Educational Policies and School Construction of ANCI Lombardia and Councilor of the Municipality of Bergamo in matters of education 0-6, national system and integrated system 0-6). “Pedagogical coordination – explained Councilor Poli – is part of a varied system and the coordination action was initiated by the municipalities regulated by the counties. For the Lombardy Region there is also the awareness of a system under construction and one of the main elements is to keep in mind the particularities and peculiarities of the territories also to guarantee the maximum cohesion of the territory “.

During the webinar he spoke Davide Sironi, Director of the Structure of the System of Interventions and Social Provision Units, General Directorate of Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities of the Lombardy Region, who took stock of the complex regional network of educational services for in early childhood (0-3 years). ), which has 2,431 structures located not always homogeneously throughout the territory, and the complex network of state and private nursery schools (between 3 and 6 years old) which has about 3,000 schools. “The 2021-2023 program – explained Sironi – plans to allocate 5% of the amount of the annual state contribution for the continuous training of teaching and teaching staff to promote pedagogical coordination. The annual contribution is intended for the municipalities of the territorial aggregations referred to in Law 328/2000 and the Autonomous Law 2/2008. A quota that is allocated to the municipality in the area with the largest population between 0 and 5 years old. “Sironi also reported on the governance in the territory of the coordinations led by the Local Entities:” Municipalities are obliged to coordinate the planning of the educational offer in its territory through the construction of an integrated and unitary network of services and schools and to do so, a continuous interaction with the management of the school and with all the holders of the services of attention to childhood. The choice of the Region envisages that local governance will be developed at the territorial level. The pedagogical coordination is carried out at the level of the Municipalities present in the Area Plans, currently 91. Due to the organizational complexity, in Lombardy we have considered it appropriate to place a local 0-6 Commission next to each pedagogical coordination. This is an experiment in which the City Councils are called upon to create 91 coordinations in two years, at the end of which we will reflect. An operational table for the creation of specific frequently asked questions begins today, he concluded.

“It’s a two-year experimentation period,” he said Loredana Poli – with a dialogue aimed at collecting elements that we have not thought of. Reference is made to the objectives set out in Decree 65 and the guidelines intended to qualify and extend the 0-6 system, especially in areas where the application is not complied with. As for the qualification of the system, I think we should leave the logic of the individual systems and talk about a single system with attention to the territories. “

He also focused on the issue of resources Roberto Gironi of the General Directorate of Education of the Region of Lombardy: “5% of the resources allocated to Lombardy are destined to promote the coordination and training of teachers, 2.3 million per year. Municipalities, as regulatory bodies, have been set up to allocate resources through area plans in the territorial areas. Resources that will be monitored from 2024 ”.

At the end of the work, the president of the Department of Education of Anci Lombardia Loredana Poli recalled that for the leading municipality in the area, the share of 5% of the resources can also be allocated to the administrative part. While in terms of training he stressed that the Coordination will start from what is already underway to provide and identify room for improvement. Gianpiera Vismaracoordinator of the Department of Education of Anci Lombardia, at the end of the work answered questions from the municipalities and recalled that the Association will soon prepare frequently asked questions about the main requests and critical issues that will be published in the specially created magazine. and sent to all municipalities along with webinar materials.

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