Parliament Day June 13, 2022

The classroom of the Senate

TheSenate Assembly will meet again tomorrow at 4.30 pm to discuss the proposal delegation to the Government of public procurement. Next we will talk about the delegation to the Government for the reform of the judiciary and the CSM already approved by the Chamber of Deputies. On Thursday at 15.00 will take place on immediate answer questions.

The Senate Committees

Regarding the Commissionsthe Constitutional Affairs will examine the Court of Auditors’ Discipline Bill and the Interest Representation Bill. With the Instruction, will deal with the decree implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). He will then discuss the draft legislative decree on cybersecurity. There Justice will examine the delegation to the Government for the reform of the judiciary and the CSM. There Foreigners will examine the ratification of the treaty between Italy and France to improve bilateral cooperation. There Defense will examine the report on the operations authorized and carried out for the control of the export, import and transit of arms materials for the year 2021 and will hold hearings on the draft law revising the model of the Armed Forces and delegation to the Government for the revision of the national military instrument.

There Stockwith the EU policieswill discuss the assigned agreement regarding the first report on the state of execution of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and referred to the year 2021. Finance the draft legislative decree on the general framework for securitization, the draft legislative decree for the adaptation of national legislation to the provisions on commissions applied to cross-border payments in the European Union and the conversion commissions of foreign exchange, and the draft legislative framework decree for the adaptation of national legislation to the provisions relating to European venture capital funds. It will then examine the PDL on the size limits of cooperative banks and the exercise of the activity of credit cooperative banks. TheInstruction It will examine the Education Fund Fund Bill and the Community Education Pact Bill to Combat Educational Poverty and School Dropout, as well as reduce the factors of social hardship and deviation of minors.

There Public Works it will examine the delegated bill, already approved by the House, amending the Procurement Code and the building law reorganization bill. TheAgriculture the series of hearings will continue on issues related to the development and dissemination of photovoltaic systems in agricultural areas, will discuss the assigned agreement on issues related to market and toxicological aspects of the durum wheat supply chain and will examine the bill of the truffle, the bill for the definition of the technical report of the food technologist, the bill for the transparency of the commercial practices of the citrus production chain, the bill for the horticultural sector, the bill 2023 for the recognition of the farmer as guardian of the environment and the territory. , the bill for the professions of oenologist and wine technician and the agroecology support bill.

TheIndustry will hear representatives from Arera, Enea, Single Buyer and GME as part of the review of the EU Law on Security of Supply and Affordable Energy Prices. On the same subject, on Wednesday you will hear those of Confindustria, Utilitalia and Elettricità futura. It will also examine the draft law on the discipline of the tourist guide profession and the draft classification law for the purposes of social security and welfare of insurance experts. There To work will debate the draft law on the minimum hourly wage and the legislative decree system for the pan-European individual pension product (PEPP).

There Health will hold hearings on draft decree adapting national legislation on health products and, with theAgriculture, will hear the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Italian Association of Breeders (AIA), the Anti-Visitation League (LAV) and the National Federation of Italian Veterinary Orders (FNOVI) on the regime of legislative decree corresponding to the system of identification and registration of operators, establishments and animals and the subject will be treated. With the Territories will hold hearings on the draft legislative decree on trade, import and conservation of exotic fauna and animals.

There Territories will examine the bill for the reduction of pollution by poly and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and for the improvement of the quality of water intended for human consumption, the urban regeneration bill and the assigned agreement on the theme of the melting of the great alpine glaciers. There EU policies the discussion on the 2021 European delegation law will continue and examine the programmatic report on Italy’s participation in the European Union for 2022 and the final report on Italy’s participation in the European Union and related in the year 2021.

The Chamber Hall

Throughout this week theHouse Assembly will examine the PDL for inclusion in the constitution of thesports activitythe motions for the prevention and treatment of oncological diseasesalso in the framework of the European cancer planthe motion for a National strategy for suicide preventionthe motions onnew generation nuclear powerthe motions for the reorganization of territorial health carethe motions to increase measures for the contrast of African swine fever and for the support for the pig sector, and motions related to budgetary discipline e governance economic union of the European Union.

He will then discuss the bill for the modification of the code of the third sector and the PDL on the discipline of pleasure or sports flight. From Wednesday it will review the decree for this simultaneous holding of administrative elections and referendums, as well as for the application of operational, precautionary and security procedures for the purpose of collecting the vote. As usual on Tuesday at 9.30 the game will be played interpellations and interrogationsWednesday at 3 p.m. immediate answer questions and Friday the urgent interpellations

House Committees

Regarding the Commissionsthe Constitutional Affairs will examine the decree for the contextual holding of the administrative elections and the five justice referendums in June and, with the Transportation, will deal with the decree implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR). He will then discuss the draft legislative decree on cybersecurity. The PDL will then discuss the order and powers of the city of Rome, the capital of the Republic, and the PDL on citizenship. There Justicewith the Financewill examine the outline of the legislative decree on cross-border payments in the European Union and the currency conversion commissions and will talk about the PDL on the cultivation, sale and consumption of cannabis and its derivatives.

TheForeignerstogether withProductive activitieswill consider and hear the representatives of Edison and Snam on the resolutions regarding the participation of Italy in the construction project of the EastMed gas pipeline and will listen to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Marina Sereni on the geopolitical framework of the Mediterranean. There Stockwith the Financewill begin examining more than 2,400 amendments to the decree containing urgent measures in the field of national energy policies, business productivity and investment attraction, as well as in the field of social policies and the crisis of Ukraine, the so-called aid decree. The five-per-thousand institute discipline PDL will be discussed below.

There Finance will resume the discussion on tax delegation and examine the outline of the legislative decree on European venture capital funds and European funds for social entrepreneurship and the securitization decree regime. Tomorrow at 1 p.m. Culture the system of ministerial decree for the allocation of the ordinary fund of research institutions and bodies for the year 2022, the PDL for the establishment of the tertiary system of technological higher education and, with the To work, the PDL of delegation to the Government in the field of entertainment and will decide an investigative investigation on the use of digital certificates of uniqueness. There Natural environment will hold hearings on changes to special legislation for the protection of Venice and its lagoon.

There Transportation will examine the paper on sustainable and resilient infrastructure strategies, mobility and logistics and will hear representatives of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces on the provision of soft drinks for the damage to local public transport caused by the COVID-19 emergency. There Productive activities will hear Enel’s representatives on the prospects for the development of sites affected by decarbonisation and electricity generation, will begin reviewing the 2021 Annual Market and Competition Act passed by the Senate two weeks ago, will hold hearings on the proposed Directive on Energy Efficiency in Buildings and will hear from representatives of the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (CSEA) on data on the use of resources to contain the effects of rising prices in the energy sector. electricity and natural gas.

There To work will hold hearings on the pan-European individual pension product (PEPP) and examine the PDL for employment retention and paid leave for medical examinations and treatment in favor of workers suffering from oncological, disabling and chronic illnesses. There Social AffairsWith the’Agriculture, will examine the disease legislative decree regimes for the prevention and control of animal diseases transmissible to animals or humans. The PDL will debate the constitution of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the use of asbestos and the rehabilitation of contaminated sites in the PDL that regulates funeral and cemetery activities, incineration and conservation or dispersal of ashes and on the regimes of decrees for the adequacy of the ashes. national legislation on medical devices. TheAgriculture will examine the PDL for the fight against poaching in inland waters and the PDL for the establishment of regional wildlife institutes and for the containment of wildlife damage.


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