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The drama of December 8, 2009: the boy from Dovera (Cremona) suffered from myocarditis, the lack of a defibrillator was fatal. Mother Cinzia Brescianini founded a fundraising association to distribute life-saving technologies to schools, oratories and sports centers.

“I was home that morning. The phone suddenly went crazy: messages, calls. I was out of breath.” On December 8, 2009, in the Monte Cremasco field, Diego Riviera scored a great goalthe first with the cremonesa t-shirt, and immediately after exulting he collapses. The situation is dramatic. The boy, 16, three days later dies in San Raffaele of Milan. Myocarditis, will be discussed later. The management of the rescue, with the non-use of the defibrillator, will become the subject of litigation. Per Cinzia Brescianini, 57, Diego’s mother, there is immense pain and the memory of a day he will never forget. A tragedy that moved the local sport and the small community of Dovera, in the province of Cremona, where the boy lived with his mother. “Diego was extraordinary,” recalls Cinzia Brescianini. My son’s life could have been saved with proper intervention and the use of a defibrillator that did not have the sports facility. So I promised to do my best so that this would not happen again. Raise awareness among athletes and families. Support for cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses. Give dozens of defibrillators. Three goals that for Cinzia, a brave and determined mother, have become central.

The mission

In 2011 he founded the association named after his son, Diego Riviera. So far, in 11 years of activity, throughout Lombardy, but also in Sardinia and Calabria, the association has managed to deliver more than 80 machines to oratories, schools, equipment and individuals (the last two in the gyms of Crespiatica and Borgo San Giovanni, in the area of ​​Lodi) and trained more than 3,000 people. “I will continue to fight to keep the memory of Diego, my only son, alive,” says Mrs. Cinzia. His death was an immense tragedy. But since his death I have been able to find meaning thanks to my commitment to the association. A beautiful activity that in 2019 saved the life of a manager of the Rivda d’Adda team he suffered a cardiac arrest while on the sidelines. Saved by the defibrillator provided by the Diego Riviera association. “That’s the whole point of our business: to save as many lives as possible.”

“A death without culprits”

For Cinzia Brescianini, the death of her son could have been avoided. Based on the diagnosis of the doctors, who a few months earlier had authorized the resumption of competitive sports, they had diagnosed the child with myocarditis. “I should have stopped Diego,” says his mother. It’s a shame I’ll always carry it with me. ” The judiciary had also dealt with the matter. In 2013 the trial for the two sports doctors who had visited Diego for suitability. The judge had convicted both of them, in the first instancesix months each, suspended sentence. Sentence set aside on appeal, with absolution for all. “The court that assessed the case in the first instance, had recognized that several omissions by doctors,” says Ms. Brescianini. Then it all came down to appeal. I feel like a victim of injustice. To me it was an involuntary manslaughter. My son will never give it back to me, but I will keep looking for the truth. Diego’s death can’t stop being guilty. ”

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