Naples, signed an agreement between the Navy and the Juvenile Justice Center for the recovery of minors with criminal records

“We are convinced that the values ​​of the sea, the maritime culture, the nautical traditions are really a way to keep children as far away from the road as possible and to give them a sense of honor and ethics. With this type of education, the boys will, without a doubt, get out of that deviation into which they had fallen in spite of themselves. These are words of hope fromChief Inspector Admiral Giuseppe AbbamonteNavy Logistics Commander, pronounced on the occasion of the signing of first agreement between the Navy and the Juvenile Justice Center of Campania which defines the beginning of training courses that can promote the rehabilitation and integration of minors who have entered the criminal circuit or are at risk of deviation.. Sign the agreement on behalf of the structure of the Ministry of Justice Giuseppe Centomanidirector of Department of Juvenile and Community Justice of the Campania Region. The signing ceremony was held in one of the splendid state halls of the Palace of the Admiralty of Naples. The agreement was reached a few months after the signing of the protocol stipulated on March 31 in Rome between the Navy and the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice of the Ministry of Justice, signed by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, l ‘Admiral Enrico Credendino. , and the Head of the Department of Juvenile Justice and Community, Dra. Gemma Tuccillo.

A project that the Navy is very concerned about, said Admiral Abbamonte: “A very important signature for us in the Navy, for the social activity that we do and I would say for the city. The aim of this agreement is to allow a synergy between the Navy and the Ministry of Justice for the recovery of children who have ended up in the penal system, their trial and the possibility of learning an art, specifically that of the wood restoration and vintage. ships. In order to get closer to maritime culture, sailing and the values ​​of the sea. In such a way that they fit into a healthier, more honest environment and get out of those phenomena of youth violence in which they unfortunately ended. “The Navy’s commitment to social recovery activities is far from the latest guidelines the Chief of Staff Enrico Credendinoexplains Abbamonte. “This – he concludes – is a small drop in the ocean that we are pleased to launch and we hope that the city will pick it up and bear fruit in a short time.”

There will be a dozen minors employed in training projects in the field of various professions linked to the world of the sea, highly dispensable in the labor market. The first implementation agreement will affect the headquarters of the Marina di Napoli headquarters in Via Acton, within which a pedagogical activity will be carried out, from the next months, in which the young people will dedicate themselves to the learning of the art of the restoration of period boats and other wooden artefacts. The aim, and therefore the importance, of this project was explained in detail by the head of the Campania Region of the Department of Juvenile Justice. One hundred tomorrow: «Naples was, therefore, the promoter of this idea of National protocol: now we sign a local protocol that specifically states how to translate the national at the local level. We will have a training activity for children but also career guidance as well as educational tutoring. The key is not just to teach children to do something materially. The important thing is that they develop a different idea of ​​themselves as active citizens and as workers through tutoring and educational support. This is the goal and the real revolution that we would like to unleash in your life. If we physically teach them to do something but the idea of ​​how they will live will remain the same, we will waste time and money. “So what better context than the naval crew?” They are giving excellent results in various districts, such as Puglia and Sicily, it is a job that the boys are passionate about and it allows them to gain experience as a crew.A particular educational context because the crew is a team, something where everyone everyone has a responsibility and everyone has a responsibility, so children learn that there is a consequence of whether or not they put into practice their ability to operate, their level of responsibility. ” that of the asylum ship Caracciolo, which, thanks to the educational method of its founder Giulia Civita Franceschi, attracted followers from all over the world at the beginning of the 20th century. invented nothing: the Navy has been collaborating with the Ministry of Justice for centuries, starting with “Caracciolini”. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Navy made available old warships for the construction of nurseries in boats where street children were collected and used for the activity of sailors. Our project is modern but has its origins in the past. But by what criteria will these “difficult” young people be selected? “They are young people from the criminal area, not necessarily imprisoned. We have a numerical relationship between the children who are really restricted in prison and those who manage to stay in the territory from 70 to 2500. In this way we will be able to welcome in our training courses the children who are in prison near Nisida or Airola. But in reality we are mainly targeting young people who have alternative precautionary measures or non-custodial probation, ”explains the ministerial manager. “The interesting thing is that our youth groups can be ‘mixed’: not only in the criminal area but also young people with pockets of difficulty. The City Council, together with Commissioner Marciani, can send us some children in difficulty and we will integrate them into our working groups. Groups will never be more than 5-6 boys because that way they are more manageable. With this amount we will make several modules for our tutors to engage them in education and make with them a path capable of profoundly changing their view of life in the community to which they belong. “

The possibility of a collaboration with the City Council has seen the applause ofCouncilor for Youth and Employment Policies Chiara Marciani who, present at the signing ceremony, commented on the initiative as follows: “We are very grateful to the Navy and the Juvenile Justice Center for giving rise to this project. We look forward to actively pursuing it to ensure that not only young people who are already involved in criminal justice, but also young people in our city can have this opportunity. It has an important history that comes from an old school ship; therefore, we hope that it can be a future perspective for many young people in our city ”. On the figures who see a worrying rate of early school leaving, especially in the suburbs, Marciani announces the birth of a project for a “network of institutions, not just public ones, that take care of children.” “Every boy – Marciani continues – should have a kind of tutor who will follow him and make sure to follow his path not only in school but also in training in order to be able to enter the world of work and enjoy those opportunities. that with early school leaving I couldn’t have. “

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