Mazzone at the Italian Football Hall of Fame

He is also in the Italian Football Hall of Fame. And finally one would say. Carletto Mazzone was included among the glories of Italian football, an award established in 2011 by the Fondazione Museo del Calcio and the FIGC to celebrate the characters who have left an indelible mark on the history of Italian football. And Mazzone, born in 1937, formerly known as the “Trapattoni of the poor” (although he jokingly called the former coach of Juve and Inter “The Mazzone of the rich”), with more than 1,200 games as coach in professional leagues in almost 40 years of activity, he represents one of the most charismatic and emblematic coaches of several generations of fans. The ceremony was held in Florence, at the Salone dei Cinquecento of the Palazzo Vecchio, in recent days: the old guide of Cagliari, “the perfect blend of the impeccable knight” – as indicated by the reasons that led him to the Hall of Fama- made her happy to reach those present through the words of Giovanni Galli, the goalkeeper who was launched in 1977 in Serie A: “A great honor that fills me with joy.”

The race. Although often associated with Rome and Rome, Mazzone in his career crosses the whole boot, leader of the struggles for salvation and the European qualification of Cagliari. In the many experiences for Italy between Serie A and Serie B, he represented a point of reference for many stars. He launched Totti into big football and established Pirlo in the role of director, giving new life to Roberto Baggio’s career in Brescia and recognized by Pep Guardiola as a model of inspiration for the development of his football credo. In his career he has coached Ascoli, Fiorentina, Catanzaro, Lecce, Pescara, Cagliari, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Perugia, Brescia, Livorno.

Cagliari. Mazzone in Cagliari is basically remembered for three historical events linked to the history of the club. As coach of Ascoli, in the last day of the championship, with the victory by 2-0 decreed the descent with record of points (26) in tournaments of 16 equipment. As coach of Cagliari, in addition to two good stops, in 1992-’92 he signed the historic classification for the Uefa Cup of the club that had just passed from the management of Orrù to the presidency of Cellino, before to accept Rome’s proposal. The return, the 1996-97 season, was not enough for the Rossoblu to avoid relegation to Serie B after the play-offs in Naples with Piacenza.

The other appointments. Among the awards, one of the highlights is the former azzurri coach Antonio Conte, but there is also one in memory of another Rossoblù coach, Gigi Radice. This is why the FIGC gave the awards: “The Hall of Fame welcomes the crystal class of a world champion like Andrea Pirlo, Zibì Boniek, Bello last night and today president of the Polish Football Federation, and Carlo Mazzone, one of Italy’s most charismatic coaches, and other awards were given to Antonio Percassi, who was able to introduce his Atalanta to the elite of European football, to former referee Alberto Michelotti. and Sara Gama, the captain of the women’s national team who kept millions of Italians hooked on French football on television, the World Cup, and awards for the memory of two Italian football legends who disappeared last year, Pietro Anastasi and Gigi Radice, while the director of the National team Gabriele Oriali enters the Hall of Fame in the category of Italian veterans, was also awarded the award dedicated to the memory of Davide Astori, established last year by the gestures most beautiful of the net game: “Go to Romelu Lukaku and the young Mattia Agnese: the Inter striker, who has proven to be an example for the new generations and always in the front row against racism, on December 21 gave a penalty kick to young teammate Sebastiano Esposito, who so he was able to score his first goal in Serie A, while the 17-year-old Ospedaletti scored. his best goal saving the life of a rival who had lost consciousness after a match ”.

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