Legnano relaunched the Festa dello Sport with an unprecedented market square where exhibitions are held

Seran 34 the associations that will give life to the renewed Legnano Sports Festival, which returns after a two-year suspension due to the pandemic. The event organized by ASSL and the Municipality, which will be held on Sunday 19 June, will have an absolute novelty at the headquarters of Piazza Mercato, preferred in the downtown areas, from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 19.

Three colonies will be established (for basketball, volleyball and football), a space for martial arts, a stage for presentations, an area for flag performances and a refreshment station.

During the presentation of the event, held today Monday, June 13, it was recalled that last September the board of the ASSL had communicated the decision to the municipal administration postpone the Festival to June 2022 given the risk of gatherings; a resolution that was concretized renewing the collaboration between the parts. The aim of the event is to bring people of all ages to different disciplines, offering everyone the opportunity to try their hand at different disciplines.

Sports party

“The novelty of this edition,” he explains the president of the ASSL Carlo Bandera, together with Agata Lazzati, member of the it is about how sports clubs will share spaces; while in recent years each has demonstrated independently of the others, this year they will alternate in the same fields. This approach better conveys the image of what Legnano offers in terms of sports practices to its citizens. And by grouping all the companies in the same square, it will also gain a global look. So much care has been taken in choosing the fields for the demonstrations, all of excellent quality; This is an ideal condition to be tested in any sport.

The “new” Festa dello Sport will make the city discover the sense of community represented by Legnano’s sports clubs. I’m sure of that Guido Bragato, Sports Councilor who stated: “This is a unique movement involving thousands of young people and adults. In this sense, the management of the ASSL is highly valued, which constantly coordinates sports activities and whose collaboration with the municipal administration is continuous. Dozens of companies active in the city guarantee a very wide range for a variety of disciplines and the ability to cater for all age groups, from basic practice to excellent results, always with great attention to social value. of sport. Sunday will be an opportunity to promote this wealth and be better known to the people of Legnano and beyond, in the spirit of the vindication of the event that is: the sport of Legnano finds its city.

“About sport – statement by Mayor Lorenzo Radice – We have a lot to recover and, with the resumption of all activities, we must not waste time, because there are so many values ​​that need to be strengthened and supported. We pay attention to all disciplines, to all associations, to all athletes. It is necessary to coordinate and for that it is necessary the collaboration of the Association presided over by Carlo Bandera ”.

The intervention of Letterio Munafò, chairman of the sports council committeemade it possible to understand the delicate role of a minority councilor at the head of a body that must coordinate the municipal activities of an area so rich in potential: “We must work as a team, have courage and attention to youth and “My desire to play sports – Munafò is attractive – my commitment will always be intense and continuous. I hope that the administration, to which I am grateful for the role they have assigned me, will also be constant.”

Here is the list of clubs that will be present at the Festa dello Sport:
Football: Academy Legnano, Legnanese football, Legnarello ssm asd, SS. Martyrs polysport asd football
Gymnastics: Amico Sport asd (acrobatic gymnastics), modern gymnastics asd (rhythmic gymnastics), persevering gymnastics asd (artistic gymnastics)
Bow: Asd hammer archers
Cycling: Unione Sportiva Legnanese Cyclists asd
Volleyball: Fo.co.l. Volleyball Legnano gsasd, Vomien SS. Martyrs asd
American Football: Frogs Legnano aft asd
Martial arts: Haganah Legnano asd Martial arts (Israeli Ju Jitsu and KickBoxing), Judo club asd judo, Karate kickboxing asd (karate and kickboxing), Karate Legnano Shorei Shobukan asd (karate), SO. CU. Karate Legnano asd (karate), Versus asd (martial arts)
Baseball and softball: Legnano baseball softball asd
Basketball: Junior Knights Legnano Ssdrl asd, Siderea basketball Legnano, Virtus Carroccio asd
Rugby: Rugby Legnano i Crociati asd
Running: Runners Legnano ssd arl
Fencing: Legnano Fencing Club
Nordic walking: Highland Nordic walking asd
Castoro Sport Legnano asd (basketball and rhythmic gymnastics)
Live for life Academy asd (dance, aerobatics, pilates, fitness, courses for new mothers and martial arts)
OLC Volley and OLC Calcio asd (volleyball, football and table tennis)
SM KOLBE asd (volleyball, basketball and athletics)
Legnano flags and musicians
Section of the Italian Association of Legnano Referees, Dance Workshop (dance, fitness and pole dance)

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