Kuki Arabesque, this is how a dog changes your life. Book by Marco Bergamaschi

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A book about it was published on April 21, 2022 relationship between a person and their new life partner. The author is Marco Bergamaschi and he is a dwarf poodle puppy with a first and last name: “Kuki Arabasque“, also the title of the same book (Ed. #reading with love – p. 194).

Bergamaschi’s book is agile, fun, and makes us think through wise cynicism about choosing a person who for the first time he decides to take a dog with him, after a life with beloved cats. It is the story of an entry into a new world, full of rarities and people alien to the author’s daily life. Kuki makes Marco Berga (the author’s alter ego) take a trip to unknown lands. And like all journeys, from the first steps, this will also have consequences on the view of things and will lead to changes. The relationship with the other is always a journey after all, the more different the other is from us and our habits, the more we are forced to get involved. Like what happened to Marco with the little “white meringue”, as he defines it.

Marco Bergamaschi is not an expert in the field: he is not a dog educator and in life he works as a journalist and business consultant. “First of all, I have to say that I love to write and not just to work: I write precisely for a personal, visceral need. I write down thoughts and experiences, especially when something emotionally important happens to me, and of course the arrival of Kuki and life with her has been a kind of storm, a hurricane. At first I imagined my life diary with this little white meringue as a series of podcasts, in which the topic was “What happens to a middle-aged person when he decides to open his life to a dog“As I was writing, I realized that it should have been something else: it made more sense for it to be a book that gave me the opportunity to delve into certain topics. And so it was.”

The text is ironic and spicy with fun writing that makes you think without ever getting bored. The 37 short chapters tell the true story of this fifty-year-old boy who has the idea of ​​taking a dog with him, and of being a very meticulous person, asking – as he defines himself – that a thousand questions. , is supported by a specific figure, which could be considered the “shoulder”. He calls her “Leopoldalaveterinària“(written like this, all at once), a funny and fascinating character that the author describes as” Genghis Khan “: two dry words, a lot of cynicism, and so you put order in the paranoia of the human with a dog not to admit and it is thanks to this figure that comes to the life of the author that everything changes.

“When I get this white spot in my life, after signing up for a thousand blogs, I read all the books I found on the subject, just to add a little confusion to my head full of questions and uncertainties, It’s like a hurricane … Transform everything dramatically, “says Bergamaschi with a smile. I wanted an adult dog: I always thought a puppy wasn’t mine. I didn’t feel prepared for a commitment like this, of great responsibility. So I turned to many associations but for one reason or another I did not find the right partner. As a first experience I wanted to do things right and at one point it seemed impossible. Until one day Leopoldalaveterinaria called me and made me an “indecent proposal.” He tells me that a litter was born in Tuscany and that he thinks a female is right for me. I immediately say no. I could already imagine my beautiful dove-colored house, all smeared with puppy poop and pee. I didn’t want such a thing … But then, subtly, photos of this sleeping taco begin to reach my mobile phone, sucking on his mother’s milk, when he opens his eyes for the first time … In short, in the end I succumb to Genghis Khan ”.

This is how the adventure begins and the author’s reflections before taking the dog are very interesting, especially for those people who are in the spirit of adopt a dog and that they don’t always take the time to prepare for such an important event. “When the puppy arrived I felt the urgent need to write down what was happening to me because my comfort zones were immediately dismantled by this two and a half month old creature. Suddenly all my certainties, needs and beliefs have faded into the background, overwhelmed by their needs. And for someone like me it was a big change. I went through moments of despair – the author confesses – I didn’t understand what needed to change, I couldn’t adapt to this new life. That’s why writing was absolutely vital to me – it was a dialogue with myself that she forced me to do. It’s like exposing my many gray areas. “

To contribute to Marco’s displacement, when he comes face to face with this poodle puppy he is also there stereotypes which often constitute the cultural substratum of people. “You’ll see,” they told me, “it’s a parlor dog!” But when it rains, how do we pee ?, I asked and they said, “When it rains you don’t even leave the house, just a moment to go to the toilet, you’ll see.” But here’s the real life: I have this image of her, three months old, in the garden, under the rain that throws itself into the mud and bushes … apart from “she doesn’t even want to go out”. But Kuki is a dog and he has to do the things that dogs like to do … Then I clean up. Of couse “lounge dog“”.

Among other things, Bergamaschi discovers, living with his new 4-legged companion, that the dog takes you into a world full of “strange” characters who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet or imagine. In the book, the reader also meets curious, real, translated people fiction which help to give rhythm to the narration, through which the author says “I wanted to give moments of real joy explaining what happened to me from time to time talking about our meetings, but I also wanted them to be a point of reflection and a bit of awareness in addition to fun.

An important point on which to pause and reflect, well highlighted by the words of Marco Bergamaschi, has to do with theidea that people a priori make life with the dog through advertising, movies, social media, etc. “It’s not always so bucolic to live with a dog,” the writer points out. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out that sometimes he’s very tired and it’s not just nice to live with a dog. It is also necessary to overcome the inevitable difficult times. Dogs are often loaded with loads and exaggerated expectations. I hear things like “since I took Boby he saved my life: I drank, I took drugs, I was depressed, separated … he saved me!” but I mean it no one saved me. I am always the same as before, rigorous, with a thousand rigidities and I am still a grumpy misanthrope. But I think Kuki is making me take a path, which is beautiful, because through his needs, the people I know, the events we live through thanks to him, I have understood many things, especially about myself.

Bergamaschi’s words return to the consideration that the relationship with the other is certainly an engine, an impulse, which must be grasped but a commitment is needed: it is not enough to “have” a dog at home, it is necessary to “be” in a relationship and then this state opens us to other relationships and to open our eyes to the world thanks to the contamination of another point of view, of another perspective. “All the different characters that introduced me to Kuki, to whom I gave improbable names such as The Lover of Nosferatu, Miss Flower Daughter, The Pornodog, Madame Sisi, left something in me, disturbing my so planned and orderly daily life”.

“Kuki Arabesque” has an Instagram profile, where he also posts numerous photos sent to him by readers who follow him and who want to be portrayed with their pets, not just dogs: “A lot of people send me Photographs of my book with their pets: dogs, cats and even two parakeets.

Kuki Arabesque book by Marco Bergamaschi, ed.  #read with love - 2022
in the picture: Kuki Arabesque book by Marco Bergamaschi, ed. #read with love – 2022

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