is the ideal urban park

Monday, June 13, 2022 – 12:44 p.m.

Nature, sport; technology only when needed: it is the ideal urban park

The ideas of 900 students about Mind’s Food and Health Park

Milan, June 13 (askanews) – So much ‘Nature’ with plants, gardens and animals; Sports facilities; scientific and kitchen laboratories; spaces where you can relax and express your creativity, from murals to stages for musical performances; technology? Yes, too, but only if it is functional in meeting spaces. It is the “ideal urban park” according to the vision and wishes of the more than 900 primary and secondary school children who took part in two co-planning itineraries promoted by the Triulza Foundation on the future Food and Health Park of la Mental: The A City in MIND Competition – now in its 4th edition and organized in collaboration with Arexpo, Lendlease, Human Technopole, San Donato Group and the Grana Padano Consortium – and the “ECOttimists at work for sustainability” workshop with the collaboration of Legambiente and Stripes Coop. Social, with the support of the North Milan Community Foundation.

Children and young people aged 6 to 14 have made specific proposals and have shared the desire to be able to find attractions and opportunities for a good life in the future Park Mind and in the parks of their cities.

“As the Triulza Foundation together with Lendlease and in collaboration with all the partners of Mind, we are organizing different activities of involvement and co-planning on the future Park with university students, citizens, institutions, companies and entities of the Third Sector, to do of this space. a living and shared territorial resource – underlines Massimo Minelli, president of the Triulza Foundation – But before that, for 4 years and through the contest ‘A city in mind’, we began to listen to the voices and collect the ideas of the little ones. that they have always made beautiful, concrete and foresighted proposals ”.

The fourth edition of the “A city in mind” competition rewards the projects of the schools of Lainate, Legnano, Monza, Nerviano, Pregnana Milanese and Sondrio with 9,000 euros. More than 700 children from 32 primary and secondary schools took part. With the projects they have developed together with their classmates and teachers, they have explained what they would like to do in the Mind Park in person, with schoolmates, friends or family. Ideas that can be replicated in your neighborhoods or cities. At the end of the school year, a “virtual party” has been organized for the classes awarded with the experiential laboratory “Traveling between the parks … from the world to the mind” and an online awards ceremony followed also by the families.

These are the projects awarded by “A city in mind”. Primary Category: 1st place CE Rita Levi Montalcini – IC Nerviano (MI) – Class of 4th A of the project “Mind 5 zones for us”; 2nd place Primary of the Canossian Institute “Barbara Melzi” of Legnano (MI) – classes 3A and 3B for the project: “Wonderpark”; 3rd place “Arnaldo Racchetti” Primary School IC Orobic Countries of Sondrio (SO) – classes 1A and 1B for the project “Plant the Seeds of Sustainability with Green Superheroes”. Secondary category I: 1st place ICS Via Lamarmora di Lainate (MI) – Entrepreneurship Laboratory – third classes of the project “Seeing the future” to create an interactive museum in Cascina Triulza; 2nd place Sabin Institute IC San Fruttuoso de Monza (MB) – classes 1B and 1C, for the project “Transportable school garden”; 3rd place ICSA Rizzoli di Pregnana Milanese (MI) – classes 3A, 3B, 3C, for the project: 3R “Riduco, Riuso, Riciclo. The many lives of plastic “. The winning schools receive € 2,000, € 1,500 and € 1,000 respectively, for the purchase of teaching and laboratory equipment.

The contest of ideas “A city in mind. The Food and Health Park ”is promoted by the Triulza Foundation in collaboration with Arexpo, Lendlease, Human Technopole, the San Donato Group and the Grana Padano Consortium, and in collaboration with the University of Milan and LAND . The initiative is sponsored by ASviS – Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan and the Pact of Municipalities of Northwest Milan.

The “ECO-Optimists at Work for Sustainability” itinerary in turn enhances the creativity and civic spirit of young people on 360-degree sustainability issues to look to the future, starting from Mind Park. The first experimental edition, which ended the school year, was attended by 220 students from 10 primary and secondary school classes at ICSA Rizzoli in Pregnana Milanese and IC Franceschini in Rho. In a first phase, children and young people participated in the informative and experiential workshops of Legambiente Lombardia at school. During the month of May they participated in the Academy of Social Innovation of Cascina Triulza in the co-design workshops organized by Stripes Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, developing their ideas for the Park with slogans, drawings and models with recycled materials and a lot of creativity. your ideal Mind website master plan.

The project, conceived and promoted by the Triulza Foundation in collaboration with Legambiente Lombardia and Stripes Coop Sociale Onlus, is co-funded by the North Milan Community Foundation. The aim of the course is not just to invite people to “design” but also to be willing to participate personally in community and environmental experiences, both in school and out of school.


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