In the foreground – CAMPOLATTARO

For the second year in a row, the Campolattaro (BN) dam on the Tammaro River will host water games.

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 2022 is planned in the artificial lake of more than 7 square kilometers with a capacity of more than 100 million cubic meters of water, the Water Festival and water sports. The Festival, promoted by Asea, a subsidiary of the Province of Benevento, is sponsored by the Province itself, the Municipalities of Benevento, Campolattaro and Morcone, the Provincial Committee of Coni and the Canoe Association Vela di Campolattaro.

Moderated by the journalist of the “Gazzetta dello sport” Domenico Zappella, in the Council Chamber of the Rocca dei Rettore, a press conference was held today with the participation of the Councilor for Tourism and Sport of Morcone, Giuliana Ocone, by Pasquale Narciso. , Mayor of Campolattaro, Clemente Mastella, Mayor of Benevento, Nino Lombardi, Vice President of the Province, Armando Rocco, Acting President of Asea, Mario Collarile, Provincial Delegate of Cuneo, Simone Paglia, President of the ‘Association of Canoes and Vela di Campolattaro, and, via video link from Spain, of Riccardo Romano, Italian champion in fin swimming.

While the WWF Oasis of Campolattaro has been active for years, the water games are becoming, on the initiative of the Asea subsidiary, an important and inescapable event for the territory and for the local community itself, which is regaining possession. of a large area that for many years has been virtually excluded.

The creation of the artificial reservoir is already an extraordinary asset for the Tammaro Valley, as evidenced by some entrepreneurial activities linked to tourism in the lake: access to the area this June for athletes and companions days of competition, as he pointed out. for example, Narciso, the mayor of Campolattaro, has already exhausted all local accommodation and the Alto Tammaro area. In the same vein, Councilor Ocone di Morcone who emphasized the value of institutional synergy between all institutions and associations in order to enhance local opportunities and excellence.

The provincial delegate of Coni, Mario Collarile, highlighted the opportunity that the territory has to promote a network of events related to water sports, being able to count the Sannio in 8 lakes that constitute so many competition fields, but also tourist attractions.

The program of the initiative promoted in Lake Campolattaro by Asea was illustrated both by the president of the Canoe and Sailing Association of Campolattaro, Paglia, and by the acting president of Asea Rocco, who underlined the great commitment also of the volunteers for the extraordinary potential also of landscape nature that offers the artificial lake.

Mayor Clemente Mastella defined an initiative of great value and aimed at bringing not only the Alto Tammaro area, but also everything to Sannio, whenever possible to create network and synergy. “It is necessary to promote initiatives and promote planning in this historic period characterized by the opportunities offered by the PNRR,” said Mastella.

Crossing the excellence of the Sannio. “This is the demand launched by Vice President Nino Lombardi. the participation of all institutional subjects, leaving aside the municipalities to focus on a shared and participatory identity “.

In the Campolattaro dam, Lombardi says, the province has seen for a long time, creating over the years, also with the creation of the Asea subsidiary, the premises to go beyond the pure possession of water as a raw material. and achieve current results. who see significant funding for the center, both for irrigation and for treatment in favor of the entire provincial and regional territory.

This, “continued Vice President Lombardi,” should fill us with pride without giving up any further steps, starting with the lake contract and the organic management of river courses. “

The sports activities planned for 18 and 19 June, so commendably organized, are – he concluded – the demonstration that it is possible to create a network between municipalities, associations and citizens also to support the tourism sector, as a result of which was the darker. moment of the century “.

The Italian fin swimming champion, Riccardo Romano from Campania, has briefly recalled the stages of his sporting history and the following, prestigious commitments that await him to defend the national colors.

This is the program of sporting events on Lake Campolattaro, but also many side events. It starts at 10 am on Saturday and runs until 6 pm with the 500m and 200m Regional Speed ​​Rowing Championship. On Saturday evening, the regional and interregional Csen Trophies in the 800m swimming, kitesurfing, freestyle sport category are still scheduled.

On the same day, there will be guided tours of the Campolattaro dam, street food in the countryside, a friend of Coldiretti’s, a guided tour of the WWF Oasis in Campolattaro and finally at 9 pm the Sources Dancing in the dam.

On Sunday, from 9.00, the 1st Asea Waterpolo Trophy is scheduled with the challenge between the regional representatives of Campania and Molise. At 10.00 the regional speed rowing championship takes place in the 500 and 200 meter categories, as well as 5,000 and 2,000 meters.

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