“IN THE AIR!” – TRANI: “Market blocked, Gundogan just a dream”, CATALANI: “With Matic you already have your director, now I would immediately take Mertens”, COURSES: “Frattesi is worth 10 million, 30 would be crazy”,

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Ugo Trani (Sports Sound Center): “Blocked market, we have to be realistic. Matic has been taken and other negotiations are being studied: the most specific at the moment is Frattesi where, however, there is a huge distance about the price: I say 15 and you say 30, this is the situation. It’s a very complicated discussion, so I can’t say it’s made for Frattesi, let alone if I set my eyes on Gundogan. Gundogan could be as much a dream as Dybala, it’s no different. It is a kind of operation where a lot of money has to be put into it. Rome’s transfer market is currently blocked. Would Mourinho agree with the possible sale of Zaniolo? He agrees, but I think he knew it when he got to Rome and then evaluated it. This is what has been said in Rome since the arrival of Friedkin, when Fonseca was on the bench. In Italy no one can give 50 million to Rome, not even with a counterpart. The only team that can do that is Newcastle … ”.

Francesco Balzani (Sports Sound Center): “Frattesi’s negotiation is advanced although some details are not yet to be filed, not exactly secondary, in the field of ideas, however, there is Gundogan who leaves Manchester City and Rome always goes with the big players out, then that doesn’t mean anything, but in any case there was an attempt at dialogue as happened with Dybala Zaniolo for 50 million starts without six and yet, I doubt that figure will ever come, except maybe Newcastle, so In my opinion, Roma will do a few times, if Zaniolo comes out there will be two but only one and he will be a great midfielder, it will depend a lot on who comes out, for example if Ibanez leaves there would also be one in defense … “

David Rossi (Rome Radio): “Dybala seems to be on the verge of signing for Inter, but there have been no signings yet. The Nerazzurri already feel like players, but every minute that passes without this signature opens a series of speculations that they would like to avoid … “

Mario Corsi (Sports Sound Center): “Frattesi is a good player, but his purchase would not make me happy. An important piece from Rome tells me that having Pink Bove would never bring Frattesi into his life. And whoever said that is the one who understands. If you also take Matic and Neves, it fits. But for a few games I’ve seen, Frattesi is never worth that money. Maximum 10 million, 30 million is crazy … If you buy it as a reserve for 10-12 million instead of Veretout, that’s fine … “

Paolo Cosenza (Sports Sound Center): “Frattesi is a great player, I would be glad if Roma took him … Bove? I don’t think it’s the same role, in my opinion it will surprise a lot of people and it will play a lot of games next year. If Roma had a midfield next year with Matic, Cristante, Frattesi, Bove and Ruben Neves, they would have an exceptional average … “

Massimiliano Magni (Sports Network): “The Matic is smart market stuff, now you have to see if you want to buy in the supermarket or in the shops. The line of the company, as far as possible, is to please Mourinho. We hope not to start the season with the coach complaining about the lack of players in some roles. If Neves or Douglas Luiz do not arrive, it means that Mou has chosen to set up the team without this type of player. I would no longer want to hear Mourinho complain to Roma-Sassuolo because he doesn’t have Maxime López … “

Gianluca Piacentini (Sports Network): “If this figure of the director does not arrive, we must think that Mourinho agrees with the idea that Matic will be the starting point. It’s June 13th, we don’t get our heads around it before. If the Roman market were to take a different direction than we imagined, I would think that Mourinho would agree. In this case, silent consent is valid. Berardi? Not only are there Roma, Milan and Juventus also want it … “

Maurizio Catalani (Sports Network): “Matic is a game creator, he plays in front of the defense, he has physical strength, but that is enough to look at him. He is able to break the opponent’s game but also to relaunch the action with long and precise shots. He’s the player we missed. If he can still afford that kind of football, I don’t know. If you need the director of Jorginho? It’s not that you don’t need it, it’s that Matic is that kind of player. He is the director, with some differences with Pizarro or Falcao, who were very technical players. But Matic is someone who knows how to build football from the bottom up. Spending the director’s money on a big second striker? I agree. Matic can’t play 50 games, but if you miss him you have Cristante. But you don’t have a second striker who can score 15 goals, and I, for example, would buy Mertens right away … “

Roberto Pruzzo (Ràdio Ràdio): “Abraham and Pellegrini did their part in terms of goals. What if more offensive players are needed? We have to understand the fate of Zaniolo, I have said it in every way. It can go from two goals scored this year to 12 next. If it is OK it is able to enter two digits. Then in the market you can find a superior striker to Shomurodov, both he and Perez were very disappointing. Let’s not underestimate the march of Mkhitaryan, who has some insertion characteristics that few had … Paradoxically, Rome is the one that is working better in the middle of the field than others. At the moment in this department it has four players, although they are not exceptional. In my opinion, they are also thinking a lot about buying Senesi … “

It was Agresti (Radio Radio): “It is difficult to ask Pellegrini to score more than this year, otherwise he would be the center forward. In my opinion, goals should be added to the second strikers, Zaniolo can score more than ten goals per season, or as an alternative to Abraham, who could sometimes play alongside the Englishman and reach a dozen goals. Senesi? It would be a very reliable investment, but he is a player who not only likes the Giallorossi … “

Nando Orsi (Ràdio Ràdio): “Frattesi near Matic? Matic is an organizer, one who stands in front of the defense, Frattesi is a dynamic one, one who throws himself. But I don’t know if Frattesi can be the owner, but he can be in the four midfielders, the quality improves. Does the attack on Rome mark little? Deputy Abraham never plays, and it’s hard to think he can be decisive. It’s hard to book players who always play, you have to be lucky to find someone who marks you in those ten minutes he plays. In my opinion, you should find midfielders who score a lot of goals … “

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio): “Roma lacks goals and they have to look for Zaniolo and the midfielders. Apart from Pellegrini, the other midfielders have done little. Shomurodov scores few goals. Is it hard to score the second striker who plays little? Well, Immobile always played for Lazio, but Caicedo scored eight goals. Shomurodov, on the other hand, scored just three … “

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