I asked for help, they didn’t believe me and they defended him

Francesca De André tells Non è l’Arena about the episodes of violence that her ex-boyfriend suffered. The former gieffina revealed that she was about to die and asked for help, but she did not believe it.

Francesca De André just a few weeks ago he said that he was the victim of the repeated violence of his boyfriend, Giorgio Tambellini, with whom he maintained an ongoing relationship for three years. The old giefina talks about the terrible period that the old giefina lived live “It’s not the Arena“, where pursued by the questions of Massimo Giletti, he explained when he realized that he had reached the limit, although at first he tended to justify it:”It was a gradual thing for me, I knew I had a specific person in front of me to help, but I really believed in his good side. ”

The need to speak after aggression

A relationship that lasted three years, but in which the first signs of imbalance appeared immediately after the first year: “There is a very strong violence, it started to explode slowly, let’s say in three and a half years of relationship it started after a year and some physical violence. It would go wild for no reason, all of a sudden, with a total loss of clarity that I call on-off, a switch that went off. When the switch was turned off “. A Czech and unmotivated anger was explained by Francesca De André, whose complaint came out of the office after being rescued by the neighbor and taken to the hospital, where she was immediately called to the police, which is why she decided speak publicly:

If I find myself in a situation like this, that I am a fighter, a strong woman, to this day that I have opened my eyes I am eager to embrace this speech and do it with my heart in the hands of all the people who suffer. You don’t have to go to the limit of life or death to realize it.

Because Francesca De André did not report before

A woman of will always ready to have her say, as Francesca De Andrè appeared on television, but this fighting spirit was clouded by fear, by the justifications that episode after chapter reduced acts of violence that would have deserved an immediate condemnation. Faber’s niece, therefore, tries to explain to La7’s studio what was going on at the time and why she didn’t report it before, even though she had a chance:

Francesca De André hit by her ex-boyfriend: “I have traumas everywhere, I did not report for fear”

I hadn’t really noticed, it’s a psychological thing. I found myself first, as a columnist commenting on violence against women, and not being able to understand that I was the first to experience this attitude. I apologized, he didn’t do it on purpose, this is the last time, he didn’t want to hurt me so much, I can help him. You feel guilty, you think you have a child, of a series of things that are really scary and you don’t trust that it can really help you to report, to talk. This is toxic love, there is no real stability, no real love if these things happen. I am baffled, because the mechanisms are always the same

The difficulty of asking for help

Francesca De André, however, tried to ask to be released from this cage, but it was not easy to find people who understood her pain: “In addition to not having the strength to ask for help, I tried to do it with people close to me, but they did not believe me, the shame of not believing you leads you to say but how, I suffered and they did not. believe me, so I don’t fix it and pretend nothing happened, anyway it will never happen again because the lesson has been understood so much. Nothing is true. ” Even after the images of the attacks, the denunciation and the measures against her ex, there is no shortage of people who do not believe in her story:

At the moment he is free, he has a restraining order against me which in my opinion arrived with a rather long deadline, arrived only a few days ago and more than a month has passed. I try to recover, to think of myself, to find my rebirth, but I am still so fragile. One important thing, I spoke before the embarrassment, of people who closed the door in my face when I was going to ask for help, they wanted to defend him, but even then, to this day, there are people who try to blame me as do with others, people on social media, there are wrong messages, there are people who have the courage

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