How much it costs to watch football on TV in Europe: the numbers

How hard it is to watch football on TV in Europe? An issue that has been much debated in recent days, especially after DAZN presented the new season ticket prices from the 2022/23 season. Currently, waiting for news in front of TimVision, to be able to watch all the football on TV in Italy in streaming mode, you need at least 49 euros per month: 29.99 euros per month for subscribing to DAZN (which allows see all). Serie A, all Serie B and the Spanish League), 14.99 euros for the subscription to Now (which allows you to watch the European Cups from the Champions, Bundesliga, Premier League and Ligue 1) and 3 .99 euros for Amazon Prime Video subscription (which allows you to watch an exclusive Champions League match in turn).

What are the figures paid by fans for the major leagues of the old continent? In the analysis, obviously, the different purchasing power of the individual customer in the different countries with respect to Italy must also be taken into account, in view of the differences in average wages and cost of living.

How much does it cost to watch football on TV in Europe, Spain

We start from Spain, where news is currently expected for next season. The Spanish League will, in any case, be fully visible on Movistar +, the Iberian telco subscription, which does not allow the subscription only to be able to watch the programs but necessarily goes through an offer linked to the internet fiber. Currently, therefore, the minimum cost to watch only the League is equal to 94.90 euros per month (on offer at 69.90 for the first four months), including not only access to the matches broadcast by Movistar but also those of DAZN, Movistar fiber subscription channels and extra-sports programming. Rising prices for subscribers who want to watch all the football and not just the championship: in fact, it rises to 107.90 euros a month (on offer to 79.65 euros for the first four months).

How hard it is to watch football on TV in Europe, England

In England, three different subscriptions are currently required to watch the 200 annual Premier League matches on television (out of a total of 380 league matches): Sky broadcasts 128, BT Sport broadcasts 52 more and Amazon. Prime Video broadcasts them 20 (two days in total). BT Sport offers a subscription to classic television, with fiber and all Sky channels, for 79 pounds a month (about 93 euros) with all the football.

Alternatively, there is the possibility of streaming: the subscription to the NOW sports package costs 33.99 pounds (40 euros) per month, while the BT Sport online costs 25 pounds per month (30 euros), for a total about 70 euros. allowed. In addition, we must also consider Amazon Prime Video, which in England is priced at 7.99 pounds per month (about 10 euros), with users, however, can choose to subscribe in the only two months in which the Premier races. . from the Jeff Bezos platform.

How much does it cost to watch football on TV in Europe, France?

Also in France, after the failure of Mediapro, two different season tickets are needed to be able to watch the whole championship. In fact, Ligue 1 is divided as follows: 8 games of 10 a day on Amazon Prime Video and the remaining two in turn on Canal +. The cost? Amazon Prime Video costs 19 euros a month (5.99 euros for the classic season ticket plus 12.99 euros for the Ligue 1 pass), while Canal +, which in addition to the championship broadcasts the rest of the main football competitions, It costs 34.99 euros per month. .

How hard it is to watch football on TV in Europe, Germany

Finally, Germany also needs two season tickets to watch the entire Bundesliga. Recently, DAZN has raised prices to 29.99 euros per month, as in Italy, given the increase in supply: it will broadcast 106 Bundesliga games per season and 121 Champions League a year, as well as several leagues foreigners. However, to complete the viewing of all football available on television, you also need a subscription to Sky, which currently costs 40 euros a month with the package dedicated to German and European football (on offer the first year at 20.50 euros) . . ).

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